1/32 Russian Air Force Aircraft Weapon Set

by Trumpeter
$60.80 USD $76.00 USD


This is an injection-plastic detail parts set for use with aircraft kits.

Ooh goody! A big box o' evil empire weaponry for the braille scale lobby! Includes:
  • 2 each PTB-1500 and PTB-1150 drop tanks
  • four R-77 missiles
  • two UPK-23/250 pods
  • two FAB-100 bombs
  • two FAB-250 bombs
  • two FAB-500 bombs
  • four R-60MK missiles
  • two S-24B rockets
  • four R-73E missiles
  • two KAB-500Kr missiles
  • two KAB-500L missiles
  • two UB-32M/57 rocket pods
  • two Kh-25ML missiles
  • two ZB-500 pods
  • two Kh-25MP missiles
  • two R-27T missiles
  • two R-27AE missiles
  • two R-27R missiles
  • two R-27ER missiles
  • two S-25 rockets that can be built as either S-25L, S-25OF or S-25OFM depending on warhead fitted
  • two UB-8M1 rocket pods
  • two KMGU-2 missiles
  • two KH-29L missiles
  • two KH-31P missiles
  • two KH-29T missiles
  • two KH-35A missiles
  • two B-17L rocket launchers
  • launch racks for all those missiles
  • a comprehensive set of decals and a stores chart for an Su27, so you know what goes where


Code: TRP03301
Release Date: Aug 2006
Item Size/Weight: 36.0cm x 30.0cm x 8.8cm / 1020g
Manufacturer: Trumpeter

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