1/32 Junkers Ju87G Stuka Kanonenvogel

by Hasegawa
$45.05 USD $56.32 USD


This is an injection-plastic aircraft model kit.

Wow. No, really. Wow. A new-tool 1/32 Stuka, and a G model at that! Very nice. We start with a complete cockpit tub assembly, including seated pilot and gunner figures, buildup the fuselage and move onto the wings, which can be built as either G-1 or G-2 type. A large spar ensures the correct angle of the outer wing sections as well as adds strength. All the flap actuators and counterweights are of course included. The gun pods look nice, but a little extra detailing with wire will really spruce them up. The distinctive twin gunsight rings of the MG81Z are included as plastic parts. Unused parts include the dive brakes, MG151/20 barrels and 50kg bombs, so obviously we can expect D models and from the looks of things a B/R model at some point. Decals are included for Hans-Ulrich Rudel's G-2 as well as GS+MD, a G-1 assigned to a test unit.


Code: HSGST25
Release Date: Apr 2016
Item Size/Weight: 42.0cm x 27.0cm x 8.6cm / 810g
Manufacturer: Hasegawa

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