1/25 Godzilla: Planetary Defense Vehicle 105mm Recoilless Rifle MB

by MPC
$46.96 USD $58.70 USD


This is an injection-plastic military vehicle model kit.

Adapted from MPC:

In the kaiju classic, "Invasion of Astro-Monster," Godzilla, Rodan and the infamous King Ghidorah are used as pawns by the cunning alien Xiliens in their plan to invade Earth. Therefore, Earth's valiant defenders must marshal forces to contain the carnage as their scientists find a way to release the creatures from their thrall. It is the only way to thwart the alien plot and allow Godzilla and Rodan to vanquish the terrifying King Ghidorah.

In addition to the Planetary Defense Vehicle Willys MB Jeep, this fun sci-fi kit also includes a full-color cardboard backdrop featuring Godzilla that measures about 10" tall. The kit also features many authentically detailed optional military and civilian parts, and you can choose to build either the military version or surrey version. 

Kit includes decals, vinyl tires, and clear parts. 


Code: MPPMPC882
Release Date: Aug 2019
Series: Godzilla
Scale: 1/25
Item Size/Weight: 23.5cm x 16.3cm x 9.6cm / 410g
Manufacturer: MPC

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