Ro-Kyu-Bu! Subaru Legacy B4 RSK

by Fujimi
$30.12 USD $37.65 USD


This is an injection-plastic passenger car kit.


"Itasha" literally means "pain car" in Japanese, suggesting that these cars garishly decorated with colorful anime character graphics are embarrassingly painful to look at, or ride in. A bit harsh, perhaps, but there you have it! Another take on the name is that it's riffing on the similar sound of the nickname for Italian cars, also pronounced "Itasha" but with the kana for Italy's "Ita" in place of the kanji for pain (also pronounced "ita" in this combination). "Sha" in both cases means "car."
This nice Subaru Legacy kit features graphics from the popular Ro-Kyu-Bu! anime. The decals for the graphics are particularly well done, featuring image fidelity not often seen in automotive kits. Aside from the decals, this is Fujimi's standard curbside (no engine detail) kit of the Legacy.  Instructions are in Japanese, but are clearly illustrated.


Code: FUJ18986
Release Date: Mar 2012
Series: Ro-Kyu-Bu!
Item Size/Weight: 32.2cm x 20.5cm x 6.5cm / 360g
Manufacturer: Fujimi

Assembly Guide