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    Hexa Gear L.O.Z. [Lord of Zoatex]
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1/24 Hexa Gear L.O.Z. [Lord of Zoatex]

by Kotobukiya

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This is an injection-plastic kit of a science-fiction/anime item.

The L.O.Z. (Lord of Zoatex) began development as a successor to the main battle HexaGear Road Impulse. However, an incident occurred mid-plan to steer it in an unexpected direction. It was initially planned to be completed as Road Impulse Mk-2 with enhanced functions of the base machine, but all equipment, including the artificial muscles, were replaced with the latest technology, and finally it will be completed as an ultra-high performance machine that is the culmination of Zoatex HexaGear technology. The main weapon, Cross Laser Fang, which extends from the head to the rear, is a development of the Monokeros's large charged tactical sword Moonlight, and the Imperial Lower is inherited from Weird Tales. In addition to its high-performance weapons, the L.O.Z. boasts a supple and powerful movement thanks to the latest artificial muscles. By introducing a large amount of HexaGrams, its performance has increased even though it's become larger. In addition, all its installed weapons are sufficiently powerful and standardized. There are multiple types of specialized external armor that can be changed out according to the application, making the L.O.Z. highly versatile, and worthy of a new legend.

This model kit comes with two types of head units: a large (normal) unit reminiscent of a large carnivore, and a small type for recombination, so you can assemble it as you like. (Only one set of Cross Laser Fang is included.) The artificial muscle unit of the neck has a slide mechanism, and it can be flexed to follow the movement of the main neck unit. The mouth crushing unit "Emperor Bite" opens and closes up and down, and is partly made with clear parts so you can enjoy roaring poses. The Cross Laser Fang can be opened and closed; the air maneuver raster attached to the shoulder has a flexible base, and a shield can be attached to it. The main body features a flexibility inspired by the body structure of cats; each joint can move up, down, left and right, and 5mm joints are used. The tactical high energy laser on the side of the console has an arm structure with a flexible base that allows free posing; the shoulder has a scapula-like structure. The long tail "Trick Blade" features universal joints that can move up, down, left and right, and the "Judgement Ram" at the tip can rotate the revolver part. The cockpit grip has a rotation mechanism at the base, and the console unit can be removed. The steps of the seat unit have a movable base, and are adjustable to the position of the Governor's feet. A 5mm hole is provided under the abdomen, making acrobatic displays possible with the separately sold Flying Base Neo. Order this mighty mech for your own collection today!


  • L.O. Z. main figure
  • Head unit (large) (x1 set)
  • Head unit (small) (x1 set)
  • Cross Laser Fang (large blade on mouth)
  • Emperor Bite (jaw)
  • Tactical high-energy laser (shoulder laser cannon)
  • HDICS (intangible type)
  • Intangible shield effect parts (x2)
  • Archive card


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