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    HEXA GEAR Governor Heavy Armor Type: Rook
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1/24 HEXA GEAR Governor Heavy Armor Type: Rook

by Kotobukiya

$32.44 USD $38.16 USD

This item is discontinued and is not expected to come back into stock.


This is an injection-plastic kit of a science-fiction/anime item.

The Rook is a heavy mobile infantry type of Governor, with a skeleton that is very similar to an enlarged human body. Its large arm unit, Agatram, is standard equipment, and is durable enough to fight against armored targets. Its walking performance is very slow due to the size of the skeleton and the heavy armor, but the assault using its large mass and propulsion power of the whole body makes up for it. Furthermore, the Arc Shield (local plasma barrier) becomes an excellent counter-weapon agains plasma cannons, and further strengthens the Rook's defense power during battle. It goes without saying the the powerful equipment consumes enormous amounts of energy, and even with hexagram storage, there is a limit to the amount of time they can fight at full power. Its onboard weapons include the Agatram giant manipulator, a plasma discharger, hexagram storage and an Air Maneuver Raster.

The fingers of the Agatram's hand are individually posable; the palm has a 3mm hole for firmly attaching weapons. The manipulator on the right hand can be assembled on either the left or right sides. The shoulder armor can also be attached to either side. Many 3mm hard points are set all over the body for use of armor, weapons and other items. The abdomen can take dynamic poses thanks to a pull-out movable structure. The neck features a three-axis movement, the shoulder has built-in forward swing movement, and the elbows and knees use double joints. The booster unit on the back of the waist has a 3mm connection at the base for flexible movement; there is a 3mm hole at the tip of the nozzle for effect parts. The left and right arms can be used with Frame Arms Girl, Megumi Device, Sousai Shojo Garden, and Arcadia figures by using special joint parts. The sensor part on the left side of the head uses painted parts. Order this massive mech for your own collection today!


  • Main figure
  • Giant manipulator left and right conversion parts (x1 set)
  • Attachment parts for manipulator 
  • Interchangeable hands for normal manipulators, left and right (x6: grip, flat hand, weapon-holding, weapon-holding (angled), hand sign A, hand sign B)
  • Leg thruster ignition parts (x4 sets)
  • Compatible joint parts for arms (x2)
  • Archive card


Assembly Guide

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