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    HEXA GEAR Bulkarm Glanz (Reissue)
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1/24 HEXA GEAR Bulkarm Glanz (Reissue)

by Kotobukiya

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This is an injection-plastic kit of a science-fiction/anime item.

Aircraft Description

The registered name of the aircraft is "Bulk Arm Glanz."

This machine, classified as a "2.5 generation" machine, was developed not by MSG, the developer of the Bulk Arm series, but by Maxwell Gears, a third party.

The concept was to "pursue the limits of humanoid heavy machinery," which was the benchmark for the second generation, without considering how it should be used as a weapon, and projected the designer's ideal image.

One of its design features is that it achieved high mobility and maneuverability despite being a bipedal walking machine by reducing its weight at the cost of its defensive capabilities and incorporating "assist wheels" in its specifications to improve maneuverability. In a sense, however, this was the first time that the "assist wheel" had been adopted in a biped.

However, the "system conversion" first employed in this model became a standard feature in many third-generation "Zoatex Hexagear," leaving a significant achievement in the history of Hexagear development.

In addition, the "Brain Machine Interface" (BMI), which was under development by "BMI Gram Sight," was introduced as a new technology on a trial basis, and although some issues remain, it has achieved high-precision control of work limbs (manipulators), and has achieved more human-like movements, such as freely handling various external devices regardless of their connection standards. It has achieved more human-like movements.

The standard specifications of Hexagear are limited to a rifle and a small built-in laser cutter, which is not exactly high firepower, but Hexagear is not a stand-alone device.

Like humans, its characteristics can be greatly changed by a wide range of external devices.

As a side note, the designer has declared himself to be a classic comic book fanatic, and the exterior design of the Hexagear reflects his taste to a great extent.

However, the "Steel Giant," which handles primitive swords and firearms as well as governors, and runs at high speed on the battlefield, has left a strong impression on people's memories, and has spawned many investors and governors who are eager to see humanoid heavy machinery.

The result is evidenced by the number of replicas, imitations, and arranged models left around the world.


Assembly Guide

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