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    HEXA GEAR BulkArm Beta Lumberjack (Reissue)
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1/24 HEXA GEAR BulkArm Beta Lumberjack (Reissue)

by Kotobukiya

$49.18 USD $57.86 USD

Available preorder slots are full. Expected release date is Dec. 2023. We will accept additional orders then if stock is available.


This is an injection-plastic kit of a science-fiction/anime item.

Adapted from the Kotobukiya website:

This model's design has similarities to the Alpha unit, and the main visual difference is the legs. The Beta unit was outfitted with support devices on the legs for increased mobility, giving the unit extremely high movement speed. The reason for this improvement was the slow speed of the Alpha unit, which was sacrificed at the cost of the unit's extremely heavy but durable armor. Like the Alpha unit, the Beta unit has the Iron Fist operators that increase strength, but the flexibility of the wrist articulation has been improved, allowing users to be equipped with a higher variety of weapons. This feature allows the model to be customized with tons of different weapons, from long-range cannons to melee gear, but most customizations utilize some smaller weapons such as machine guns and knives in order to avoid hindering the unit's improved mobility.

The cockpit can be opened and closed, which allows a Governor (sold separately) to be placed inside. Due to the construction of the model, some parts may require removal for certain Governors to fit. The newly redesigned wrist frames use a universal joint with a wider range of movement than the BulkArm Alpha model, and allows the user to wield Slugger Blades as a duel weapon. The hover units on the model's ankles can be removed and adjusted using included parts for use as a hovercraft for Governors. The fans and rudders on the hover units are also articulated. The base of the Slugger Blade can be posed, allowing the weapon to be folded up and mounted on the model with the included attachment. Although the model shares some designs from the BulkArm Alpha, the head, front chest armor, and additional armor for the legs are entirely new. The kit also includes the part to create two optional BulkArm Alpha heads. Order yours today!


  • Lumberjack model
  • Slugger Blade 
  • Slugger Blade mount part
  • Hovercraft hand parts (x2 sets)
  • Hovercraft foot rest (x2 sets)
  • BulkArm Alpha Head A
  • BulkArm Alpha Head B
  • Archive card


Assembly Guide

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