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    Hexa Gear Booster Pack 006 Forklift Type Dark Blue
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1/24 Hexa Gear Booster Pack 006 Forklift Type Dark Blue

by Kotobukiya

$35.62 USD $41.91 USD

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This is an injection-plastic kit of a science-fiction/anime item.

This new Hexa Gear Booster Pack builds into a forklift that goes well with the Block Base series and the Governor Engineer set! It's available in two colors -- orange and blue (the blue matches well with the Bulk Arm Alpha). It's ideal for making garage dioramas showing Hexa Gear being assembled. You can also combine it with the Bulk Arm Alpha to make it a Work Bulk Arm!

  • This kit uses some of the cockpit parts of the High Tiger.
  • The forklift can be disassembled into the body, fork unit and roof unit. 
  • The fork unit can be expanded and contracted so it can move things from ground level up high, and the fork unit can also be removed and used on a 3mm axis joint to serve as a hand for Hexa Gear and Frame Arms items. The fork unit's base can also move up and down and be extended forward.
  • This item steers with the rear wheels.
  • Combine it with the Bulk Arm Alpha to make a Bulk Arm for work! You'll need to partially disassemble the cockpit of the Bulk Arm Alpha to combine them. Since the forklift body is not used when it's combined with the Bulk Arm Alpha, it can be used as an unmanned tow vehicle.
  • The hexagram storage can be removed from the body frame inside the armor.
  • The base of the light on the side of the windshield is movable, and the mirror uses a ball joint so its angle can be adjusted.
  • The front and rear tires are newly designed and molded in PS plastic.
  • The tail lamp on the counterweight is made of clear parts.
  • This kit is molded in color so painting isn't necessary. Order yours today!


  • Forklift body (x1 set)
  • Spare fork claw (x2)
  • Attachment for fork unit expansion (x2)
  • Bulk Arm Alpha unit for combination (x1 set)


Assembly Guide

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