1/24 Hexa Gear Block Base 04 DX Arsenal Grid (Crane)

by Kotobukiya
$69.09 USD $81.28 USD


This is a set of optional parts for modifying or detailing robot and other science-fiction kits.

Display your various HexaGear items being repaired and refurbished with the help of this item! It includes three main parts: a crane unit, a girder unit and a running rail unit. Combine these parts with the base plates for the floor and walls, and use this kit by itself as a crane; create a base or factory setting for photo sessions or display! The winding mechanism of the crane unit uses a real metal chain, and you can raise and lower suspended objects using the included rod. The crane unit can move horizontally and vertically with the girder unit and the traveling rail unit; the girder unit and running rail unit can be connected and extended. Use hooks and eyebolts to connect the crane to its cargo; use the 3mm hole in the crane unit to help lift heavy machinery (the load capacity can handle any item in the entire HexaGear series). The floors and walls can be rearranged horizontally and vertically as you like, and you can build more floors and walls with the included attachments. Combine this set with the other available sets to create your own custom setting! Let your imagination be the limit, and order yours today!

  • [Size]: Approximately 15cm x 7.5cm (one panel)
  • [Materials]: ABS, PE, copper, nylon


  • Crane unit
  • Girder unit (x1 set)
  • Traveling rail unit (x1 set)
  • Rod
  • Hook (x6)
  • Eyebolt (x6)
  • Hexagram for eyebolts (x6)
  • Hexagram (x16)
  • String (x3)
  • Floor panel (x4)
  • Wall panel (x14)
  • Joint A (x60)
  • Joint B (x60)
  • Joint C (x84)
  • Joint D (x84)


Code: KBYHG-083
Release Date:
Scale: 1/24
Item Size/Weight: Not yet known
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya

Assembly Guide