1/24 German Pz.Kpfw.II Ausf.F

by Asuka
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This is an injection-plastic military vehicle model kit.

An all-new Panzer II, from Tasca! And in big 1/24 scale! Here's some info from Tasca's website:

After WWI, Germany was prohibited from pursuing tank development by the Treaty of Versailles. Tanks were an urgent necessity for Germany when they started re-armament, and the result during this time was the Panzer II, which was not sufficient for battle but was good enough for training. The Panzer II was considered too light and had a crew of only three. It was planned that the Panzer III and IV would comprise the main armored force, but there were insufficient numbers at the opening of hostilities of WWII. Thus, it was decided that the Panzer II would join the Blitzkrieg.

When the German Invasion of Russia started in 1941, the main tanks of the German Army were the Panzer III and IV, as the Panzer II was considered too small. Its armament was sufficient for soft targets, however, and it was valued at the front for communications and reconnaissance. Production of the Panzer II ended in 1940, but due to a chronic tank shortage, production was resumed in 1941 with the Ausf. F., an improved version of the Ausf. C. The Ausf. F had strengthened armor on the front and a simpler silhouette than the Ausf. C. Production of the Ausf. F ended in December 1942 after the construction of 524 tanks. It came to be valued on the front lines during the middle portion of the war.

Tasca 1/24 scale Panzer II features:

  • Individual track links connected by metal pins give a realistic look and feel, along with ease of assembly.
  • Clamps used for the OVM (On Vehicle Materials) in 1/35 scale are lacking in detail, so an accurate representation is really only possible in this larger scale.
  • The leaf spring suspension has been faithfully reproduced with each spring comprised of 6 parts.
  • Adjusting the track tension is possible by turning the idler wheel.
  • The fender's unique brace pattern surface texture has been accurately reproduced as on the real vehicle.
  • Accurately reproduced rear section includes separate open outlet grille, deflector, and exhaust pipe.
  • Separate top and bottom parts for the armored driver's visor shutter provides the option of setting the aperture.
  • Transparent parts are provided for the turret periscope and the light lens.
  • Separate parts for the signal port on the commander's hatch are provided to pose it either open or closed.
  • Photo-etched metal parts are provided for clamps, the exhaust pipe cover, and the tool box.
  • Model kit does not include a figure. A commander figure is scheduled as separate future release.

Following this release, more German products in the same scale are being developed.

One of the photos below shows the 1/24 Tasca Panzer II next to a 1/35 Tasca Sherman for size comparison...of course, the Sherman kit is not included with the Panzer II kit!


Code: TAC24001
Release Date:
Scale: 1/24
Item Size/Weight: 38.6cm x 24.7cm x 6.1cm / 500g
Manufacturer: Asuka

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