1/24 BBS LM Deep Rim & VIP Table

by Aoshima
$7.71 USD $9.64 USD


This is a set of plastic or metal wheels and rubber-like tires for detailing car models.

A fine set of wheels with detailed black rubber tires. Four wheels and four tires are included, enough for one car. Also includes decals for the center caps and other custom markings to use as you wish. Polycaps are also included to aid in installation, but further modifications may be required depending on the particular model car you have. This set includes a wacky "VIP" table to clutter up your dash! 


Code: AOS00533
Release Date: Sep 2012
Series: VIP Parts
Item Size/Weight: 24.1cm x 10.1cm x 3.0cm / 70g
Manufacturer: Aoshima

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