1/24 ATH-Q58 Berserga DT

by Max Factory
$60.36 USD $67.07 USD


This is a soft-vinyl (PVC) kit of a science-fiction/anime item.

It's been a long time since we've had such nice Votoms models in a big scale! This Berserga DT is extremely nicely-molded in soft vinyl (PVC), with resin-cast pipes and other parts. The vinyl parts are really crisply-detailed, which is nice to see in this medium, and completely not surprising given that this comes from Max Factory. Paint and glue (CA/Krazy Glue) will be required. 57 vinyl parts plus 7 resin parts make this a fairly complex kit, but well worth the effort for the final results. A painting scheme is included, in Japanese (basically: the main body is navy blue and purple; the parts indicated with a fine grid pattern are to be painted a mix of character yellow and white plus a touch of red; the parts indicated in grey are to be painted maroon plus red; the parts indicated with a diagonal pattern are to be painted white with a touch of purple. That's all the instructions say; sorry we can't give exact measurements for the mixes!). Photos on the box featuring the completed model will help as well.


Code: MAX01003
Release Date: May 2004
Series: VOTOMS
Item Size/Weight: 26.1cm x 26.2cm x 10.2cm / 610g
Manufacturer: Max Factory

Assembly Guide