1/200 HCM Pro Tieren Ground Type

by Bandai
$21.14 USD $26.43 USD


This is a posable action figure of an item from the Gundam universe.

The Human Reform League's mass-produced Tieren Ground Type mobile suit is easy cannon fodder for the Celestial Being's highly advanced Gundams, but still packs quite a punch with immense firepower and heavy-duty armor if it can land a hit on the Gundams. This HCM Pro Tieren Ground Type features intricate mechanical detailing and its abundant flexible joints and movable mono-eye make it a great palm-sized action figure! Weapons include a carbon blade, two shields, a forearm-mounted cannon, and four optional hands, plus a long-range cannon and anchor-leg part for switching it into a Tieren Long-Range Cannon Type mobile suit.


Code: BAN952942
Release Date:
Series: HCM Pro
Scale: 1/200
Item Size/Weight: 20.4cm x 19.0cm x 5.5cm / 180g
Manufacturer: Bandai