1/16 R/C Tank Battle System

by Tamiya
$96.89 USD $96.89 USD


This is an accessory parts set for use with military models (or used individually).

Oh boy! What fun we have here! With the addition of this battle unit to your 1/16 R/C Tamiya Tiger I, Tiger II, Pershing, Leopard, Panther, or Sherman, and the addition of one more person similarly equipped, your two tanks can fight it out for control of whatever battlefield you decide on.

Infrared sensors on the tank determine hits and misses when firing. They work up to 30 meters (over 90 feet) away! When a tank is hit, you hear an incoming shell sound, followed by an explosion, and the tank lurches! Choose between light, medium, and heavy tank modes to determine how many hits you can take, and how quickly you can fire shells at your opponent. Damaged tanks have their speed halved, too! When you take the maximum number of hits, the tank lurches twice, the engine makes a grinding sound before stopping, and you lose control of your tank for about 15 seconds. Tamiya really knows how to boost the fun with their great kits with a release like this!


Code: TAM53447
Release Date:
Scale: 1/16
Item Size/Weight: 25.0cm x 9.0cm x 4.2cm / 110g
Manufacturer: Tamiya

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