1/144 Sukhoi Su-37 Berkut

by Trumpeter
$4.67 USD $5.83 USD


This is an injection-plastic jet aircraft model kit.

The latest release in Trumpeter's 1/144 line is the Su-47, or S-37, Berkut (Golden Eagle). An advanced technology demonstrator comparable to the X-29, the Sukhoi is twice the size of the US design, and includes an internal weapons bay and space for advanced radar, making it much closer to an actual combat aircraft.

Trumpeter's kit features good surface detail with recessed panel lines and well-done vent screens. The cockpit features a high level of detail for the scale, with a true cockpit tub and separate seat, instrument panel and control stick (which should actually be a sidestick controller ala F-16). The intakes and exhausts are acceptably deep and detailed, the belly speed brake can be positioned open (presumably only in flight!), as can the weapons bay, which features missiles mounted on an internal, rotating pallet. The canopy is one-piece and crystal clear. Absolutely enormous missiles are provided for on underwing pylons, however I have never seen pictures of the Su-47 with wing pylons or ordnance, and even so, these missiles look more like something out of Macross than anything you would actually see on a real airplane. At only 600 yen, this kit is a real bargain and well worth the money, even with the anti-UFO interplanetary cruise missile armament.


Code: TRP01324
Release Date: Nov 2004
Item Size/Weight: 21.5cm x 14.1cm x 3.1cm / 110g
Manufacturer: Trumpeter

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