1/12 Suspension Bridge

by Pink Tank
$20.07 USD $20.07 USD


This is a set of clothes or accessories for figures.

Pink Tank's newest 1/12-scale accessory is a suspension bridge! It's perfect for adventures in unexplored areas, and also any situation involving a cliff or a ravine. The columns and treads feature a woodgrain pattern, and the entire bridge will gently descend from the stanchions toward the center, and will touch the ground (if the ground is nearby!) in the middle. It's possible to attach a base under the left and right columns to suspend the bridge above the ground, but please bear in mind that this item is a bit delicate; leaving a figure or a heavy object on it for too long if it's suspended may result in deformity or damage to the bridge. If you like, you can combine two of this kit for a longer bridge; please understand that this will result in a reduction of the bridge's durability if you display it suspended. Think of the amazing figure photos you can take with this item! Order yours today!


Code: PKT057
Release Date: Sep 2020
Scale: 1/12
Item Size/Weight: Not yet known
Manufacturer: Pink Tank

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