1/12 McLaren M26 Ver.B : 1978 Rd.7 Spanish GP Qualify / Rd.9 French GP #7 J.Hunt / #8 P.Tambay / #33 B.Giacomelli

by Model Factory Hiro
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This is a racing car model kit assembled from parts made of resin, white metal, photo-etched metal and possibly other materials.

The model meisters at Model Factory Hiro have served up another winner in this masterpiece of a multi-media kit! Adapted from the Model Factory Hiro website:

The McLaren M26 was the follow-up to the M23, the F1 machine that gave many victories to the McLaren team between the years of 1973 to 1976. The M26 retained many aspects of the M23, including same suspensions, rear wing design, and the use of a DFV engine.

It was used in the middle of the 1976 season as a test, and was officially used in 1977, debuting in the 5th race of the season (Spanish GP). In the 7th race (Belgium GP), a new design featuring an oil cooler in the front was revealed, and from there on the same setup was used for all races afterwards. In the 9th race (French GP) J. Hunt managed to place 3rd, and in the following British race was able to claim first. Further victories were grasped at the US GP and the final race of the season at Fuji in Japan. The M26 managed three victories during the season, and was 3rd in constructors for that year.

The M26 was used in the following season of 1978 also, with modifications made to the side cowl and brake duct, etc. However it did not meet the same performance level as the previous season, with its best results being 3rd in the 9th race, the French GP. It was also used as a replacement car for two races in 1979, but ultimately gave way to McLaren's first ground effect cars, the M28 and M29.

Kit details:

  • a full detailed, multi-material kit featuring white metal, resin, etching, metal turned parts, rubber tires, decals and various cords allowing for maximum representation of the original vehicle.
  • aluminum turned parts used for wheel rim, center lock, wheel shaft, engine funnel and muffler ends. 
  • front nose, induction pod and side cowl can be removed, allowing full view of the detailed interior after completion.
  • pre-printed sponsor logos featured on tires.
  • redesigned DFV engine, now with movable cam and crankshaft parts after completion.

This is K665 Ver.B : 1978 Rd.7 Spanish GP Qualify / Rd.9 French GP #7 J.Hunt / #8 P.Tambay / #33 B.Giacomelli, based on the 1978 version with variations to the rear side cowl, rear suspension and brake duct compared to the 1977 build. Mainly based on the build used by Hunt to win 3rd at the French GP, but includes extra front wing parts used at the Spanish GP qualifiers.


Code: MFHK665
Release Date: Jun 2018
Item Size/Weight: 35.0cm x 26.1cm x 9.3cm / 1790g
Manufacturer: Model Factory Hiro

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