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    Little Armory [LA098] M27/38 type
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1/12 Little Armory [LA098] M27/38 type

by Tomytec

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This item is limited to 3 per person.

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This is a set of clothes or accessories for figures.

The M27/38 is an improved version of the HK416 selected by the U.S. Marine Corps in the IAR project to find a new squad support weapon. In order to eliminate the lack of mobility of machine gunners equipped with the heavy M249 and the weakness of being easily targeted by snipers, the M27, which is the same type as the rifle used by ordinary soldiers and boasts high accuracy, was adopted. The Marines came up with the idea that they could replace the suppressive power of light machine guns with the precision of each shot. The M27 has proven itself through actual combat, and the M38 rifle for select shooters has also been procured, equipped with a dedicated scope and suppressor to further improve shooting accuracy. Currently, it is being deployed as a new main rifle to replace the M4/M16.

Tomytec adds the M27/38 to their "Little Armory" mini firearm model-kit lineup! This kit allows you to select and assemble the squad support firearm M27IAR and the selected marksman rifle M38SDMR. The M27 is equipped with a 3.5x scope and 1x dot sight. The M38SDMR is used as a marksman rifle; it features a suppressor and a variable magnification scope from 2.5x to 8x. One gun is deployed per Marine squad (15 people). You can choose to equip parts such as the gun barrel with or without suppressor, laser sight, bipod, foregrip and more. Marine Corps standard night combat devices such as AN/PEQ16B type and P magazine are also reproduced. Your 1/12-scale figures will love it -- order yours today!

  • [Size]: Approximately 7.5cm long when completed
  • [Materials]: PS resin

Figure shown is not included.


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