1/12 Little Armory [LA079] AKMS & AKMSU Type

by Tomytec
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This is a set of clothes or accessories for figures.

The AKM was formalized in 1959 as a modernized version of the former Soviet AK47 Kalishnikov automatic rifle. The foldable stock version is known as the AKMS. It's used by parachute soldiers and tank soldiers, and is small enough to be used in cramped spaces thanks to its retractable stock. The suppressor PBS1, made around the same time, has been used in recent years; combining the PBS1 with the AKMS makes the gun suitable for special operations. The AKMSU is a carbine version that is a shortened version of the AKMS. It features a muzzle device with a gas chamber so that the gas system move even with the shortened barrel, and a foregrip added to improve controllability. It was generally accepted that the AKMSU was a small rifle for the Spetznaz, but recent research has revealed that it was not developed in the Soviet Union, making it somewhat of a mystery.

This Little Armory set includes two weapons: an AKMS and an AKMSU. They can be built with the stocks opened or closed, and with or without the suppressors and bayonets. The wood parts are made in a diffferent color of plastic, and the safety lever is a separate part. Order yours today!

  • [Size]: Approximately 7cm/9cm long when completed
  • [Materials]: PS resin

Figures shown are not included.


Code: TMT32066
Release Date:
Scale: 1/12
Item Size/Weight: Not yet known
Manufacturer: Tomytec