1/100 MS-14S Gelgoog (MG)

by Bandai
$26.59 USD $26.59 USD


This is a posable, Master-Grade injection-plastic kit of an item from the Gundam universe.

In the Gundam universe, the Gelgoog was supposed to be the Zeon Dukedom's answer to the RX-78 Gundam, which proved far superior to their Zaku. Bandai's new Master Grade (MG) kit is of Char Aznable's personal mount. Mass-production models also existed, and variation kits seem likely in the months ahead.

Despite the kit's relatively simple exterior appearance, it is exquisitely detailed inside and out -- the whole point of the MG series. The machine's skeletal frame, like the earlier Zaku kits, is completely duplicated, so modeling convincing battle damage, or a repair scene would be a snap. Accessories include its shield, beam rifle, beam saber and beam naginata, a variation on a traditional Japanese long-handled sword.

Other features of the kit are standard for the MG series: Snap assembly, pre-colored parts, fully posable, three types of hands, etc. Also includes two tiny little Char figures.


Code: BAN55164
Release Date:
Scale: 1/100
Item Size/Weight: 24.0cm x 33.2cm x 12.3cm / 740g
Manufacturer: Bandai

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