1/10 DX Sotai Kun Green

by Ohtsuka Kikaku
$28.98 USD $34.10 USD


This is a kit which allows you to complete a posable doll with real fabric clothing.

This is a sort of 'blank' action doll kit, using the same body base as the Real Action Hero series. The body is fully-jointed and assembled, but the hands (gloves), feet (boots) and head are separate pieces. The hands, feet, and head require a small amount of cutting with a hobby knife, in order to fit on the body. A sheet of self-adhesive urethane (rubbery plastic) is included to use as a sort of 'stopper', to keep the arms and legs and neck from sliding out of the gloves, boots, and head. A green polyester bodysuit is included as well, so the doll has something to wear other than accessories!


Code: OHTDXSK-04
Release Date: Jun 2002
Series: Sotai-Kun
Item Size/Weight: 14.2cm x 18.3cm x 5.5cm / 130g
Manufacturer: Ohtsuka Kikaku

Assembly Guide