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    ARTIST SUPPORT ITEM Hand model / R -GRAY- (Reissue)
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Aug. Release

1/1 ARTIST SUPPORT ITEM Hand model / R -GRAY- (Reissue)

by Kotobukiya

$90.68 USD

This item is limited to 3 per person.

This item is expected to release in Aug. 2024. Preorder yours now! You will not be charged until the item is released and your order is filled.


This is a posable action figure.

Kotobukiya's first "Artist Support Item," a highly accurate, fully posable model of a human hand, is back! Hands are one of the biggest obstacles faced by artists, and now Kotobukiya steps in to provide artists everywhere with a three-dimensional model of the biomechanical wonder that is the human hand! This life-sized model was designed by animator Hiroshi Kagami, who has worked on many masterpiece anime such as "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters," and sculpted by Kotobukiya's leading sculptor, Hajime Shirahige. It's super-posable, engineered to have a realistic range of motion that mimics the hand's natural motion as closely as possible; natural poses are easy to create, since it's locked so that it won't move in a way the human body doesn't move. A left hand will also be available! This model is an unprecedented support item for both beginning and established artists -- you'll love it! Place your order today!


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