4D Vision Giraffe Anatomy Model

by Aoshima
$22.24 USD $27.80 USD


This is a educational construction kit assembled from various materials (plastic, metal, etc.).

This amazing model allows you to view many of the inner workings of your basic giraffe! This kit contains 27 pre-colored parts and an assembly guide, so you can put together your own miniature version of the tallest land mammal around today. Check it out--it's only got seven neck vertebrae, just like you and me! Half of the giraffe's outer covering is painted to resemble the familiar gangly, spotted creature we know and love, and the other half is clear to allow easy viewing of its insides. It's educational, and a wonderful gift for just about anyone!


Code: AOS09434
Release Date: Dec 2011
Item Size/Weight: 37.4cm x 27.5cm x 8.0cm / 670g
Manufacturer: Aoshima

Assembly Guide