Egg Attack Iron Man Mark.2 Special Floating Edition

by Beast Kingdom
$172.34 USD $172.34 USD


This is a cold-cast (porcelain-like) science-fiction/anime display model.

Adapted from Beast Kingdom:

Beast Kingdom is pleased to announce the world's first simulation Iron Man 3 Mark II Magnetic Floating Version, using electromagnetic attraction and repulsion to emulate a floating effect as Mark II's flying mode.

True to the key features of the Egg Attack series, Iron Man's every detail is meticulously crafted, including the armor, joints, and flying mode air deflector. The Iron Man 3 Mark II Magnetic floating version's main body is painted with high-quality metal coating, showcasing Mark II's steel-like armor. High-luminance LED light is hidden within the eye, chest reactor, and feet, which stays true to the night flying mode in the Iron Man movie.

The Egg Attack Iron Man 3 Mark II Magnetic Floating Version is shipped with a glowing magnetic levitation base, a customized battery case (fits 8 AA batteries, sold separately), and a protective sheet.

Iron Man Mark II is about 16cm long, and the base has an 11cm diameter. 

Beast Kingdom has a video about how this item works. It's in Chinese, but if you click the "CC" button to the right, there are English subtitles.


1. Attach the power source to the magnetic levitation base (either the included battery case with 8 AA batteries, or your own 12V2A DC transformer). The lights on the base should come on at this point. 

2. Take the protective film and lay it over the magnetic levitation base.

3. Remove Iron Man's mask, then pull the white battery insulation tab to remove it.

4. Gently hold the Iron Man figure by two ends, and slowly move the figure to be about 10cm from the top of the magnetic levitation base.  It is normal for the lights on the base to flicker when the figure contacts the magnetic field. You will need to adjust the figure as the magnetic repulsion pushes it away.  When the figure has reached a balanced position, remove your hands to let the figure levitate. 


Code: BKM44458
Release Date: Jul 2015
Series: Iron Man
Item Size/Weight: 25.8cm x 18.2cm x 14.6cm / 1040g
Manufacturer: Beast Kingdom