1/48 Miles M-35 Libellula

by Planet Models
$81.95 USD $91.06 USD


This is a resin-cast aircraft kit.

The folding-type main wing was the standard for ship-based aircraft to make them easier to store onboard, but the folding wings were heavier than fixed wings, and the pilots' visibility was reduced by the necessity of having the propeller mounted on the front of the aircraft. Frederick George Miles came up with the idea of a cockpit at the front of the fuselage, the propeller mounted in the rear, and tandem wings. He started designing this unique aircraft in 1941, and the prototype was produced and flown within 6 weeks. Its performance was good with a few minor problems, and initially the British Navy showed interest, but since the performance of normal military aircraft improved in the latter half of World War II, this design was finally rejected. The name "Libellua" came from the scientific name of the dragonfly family of insects, reflecting the unique placement of this aircraft's wings. 

This full-resin kit includes a vacuum canopy and decals for one version; the landing gear is white metal.


Code: PLT270
Release Date: Aug 2018
Item Size/Weight: Not yet known
Manufacturer: Planet Models

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