Uni Lead Holder Mechanical Pencil 2.0mm 4H

by UNI Mitsubishi Pencil
$4.82 USD $4.82 USD


This is a pencil with a replaceable and mechanically extendable core.

From Uni Mitsubishi comes this high quality 2.0mm mechanical pencil lead holder. The textured metal grip makes this mechanical pencil perfect for detailed drawings, design and writing. The body is also made from smooth plastic allowing for long use and comes with a removable clip at the top. Furthermore the special clutch system grips the lead firmly removing any chance of slippage or breakage. Apply varying levels of force to control shading and drawing contrast levels. This 4H variety has the according markings on the body and should be used with 4H grade lead. 


Code: MBPMH500--L4H
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