Style Fit Pen Body: 3Color Holder (Metallic Pink)

by UNI Mitsubishi Pencil
$1.45 USD $1.45 USD


This is an empty pen body for holding ink refill components or mechanical pencil lead.

Mitsubishi's Style Fit series is the ultimate in pen customization, giving you freedom to choose which pen body style and ink you want! The Style Fit 3Color Holder can carry up to 3 refill components, and there are an endless number of ink types and color combinations to choose from, as well as mechanical pencil lead! You can find the refill options below: 

To load in new refills, simply remove the refill from its case, twist and remove the lower portion of the pen body, slip the refills into the holes inside the pen body, then twist back on the lower portion of the pen body and you're ready to use your Style Fit pen!


Note: This is a pen body only, and does not contain any ink. Pen ink and other Style Fit pen bodies are sold separately.


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