Spring Shipping Sale 2021

Spring Shipping Sale: Save Big, Ship Today! Ends March 25, 11AM JST
Thank you for promising to ship! Our Spring Sale includes over 7,000 items, from Gundam and sci-fi kits, to anime figures, aircraft models, and more! Shop the sale and pick up some new collectibles at the best prices around! We look forward to sending them to you soon ;D
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Spring Sale 2021 Conditions

• The sale begins March 18th, 2021 at 11AM JST, and ends March 25th, at 11AM JST.

• Our Spring Sale 2021 discounts apply only to in-stock special sale items ordered during the campaign period. Any order handling method is fine.

• Availability of Spring Sale 2021 items' stock is subject to change without notice. An in-stock item in your cart may go out of stock if our last piece was ordered by another customer before you placed your order.

• Items with a stock status of "In Stock: Orders usually filled within (time frame)" are not eligible for sale discounts.

• Refunds or price adjustments are not available for any price differences for items purchased any time prior to or after that item's period as a sale item in the Spring Sale.

• In the event of unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to end the sale early.