Want to win store credit at HLJ?
Then get ready to enter the competition for your chance at
up to 10,000 yen!


- 1st Place: 10,000 yen

- 2nd & 3rd Place: 5,000 yen

- 4th & 5th Place: 2,000 yen

- 5 Randomly Selected Winners: 500 yen

The top 5 contestants with the most clicks will all be rewarded, but we're not stopping there! We're also giving away 500 yen to 5 random winners, so everyone participating has a chance to win, regardless of your score!

How to Enter

Step 1

Pick a link from the selections below! You can go for the HLJ home page, or pick your favorite category from the list!

Step 2

Fill in your e-mail address and click the "Create Link!" button. We'll generate a personal link for you that will track your score.

Step 3

SPREAD THE WORD! Use your personalized link and share it wherever you like! Show your Facebook friends or Twitter followers, or pass it around wherever you'll get the most clicks!

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Share it wherever you want and that’s it! Once the event has ended, we’ll reward the top 5 competitors with the most clicks, as well as 5 random entrants!

Spread the Word 2021 Terms

The event begins April 30, 2021 at 11am JST and ends May 13, 2021 at 11am JST. Winners will be contacted May 18, 2021.

One entry per account, one link per account.

Contestants must fill out all required fields in the form to be eligible to enter, and must use the generated link from the form. Normal site links will not count towards your entry.

Only unique clicks are counted, so multiple clicks from the same person will only count as one click.

Clicks from bots are prohibited, and the use of a bot or other automatically generated click or pageview software will disqualify your entry.