This campaign has ended.
Shipments placed by January 26, 4pm JST should receive a lottery slip in their package.

SHIP NOW and a lottery slip known as an "omikuji" will be included in your parcel with a prize inside! We're talking free shipping, free products of YOUR choice, HLJ store credit, and big coupon codes!

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Every shipment is a winner, so it's not about if you'll win but what you'll win!

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Ship Now Win Big Conditions

・ The campaign period starts on 2021 January 22 JST, and runs while supplies last.

・ To be eligible to receive an “omikuji” in your shipment, you must have an order ship out from HLJ during the campaign period, and before this page is updated to notify that supply has run out. (You must receive a “Shipping Notice” email notification during the campaign period to be qualified to receive an omikuji.)

・ Your order can either be shipped by the Ship Now method, or through a Private Warehouse shipment creation.

・ Each shipment during the campaign will receive an "omikuji".

・ Coupon code prizes can be used directly on the checkout page of Winners who receive "free shipping," "free products" or "store credit" must contact HLJ with their winning code to claim their prize.

・ Winners who receive a free product will have the selected prize added to their Private Warehouse. Shipping costs not included.

・ In the event of unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to end the campaign early.