Pro Spray Mk-6

by GSI Creos
$53.62 USD $59.58 USD


This is an airbrush for modeling use.

The Pro Spray Mk-6 included in this all-in-one set is a stylish, functional airbrush. The main unit and bottle units can be connected or disconnected in one simple step. This set includes two nozzles -- .2mm and .4mm -- an airhose, Air Super 190, and an air adjustment valve set. 

Mr. Color, water-based Hobby Color, and water-based Color Acrysion paints -- all available from Mr. Hobby -- are recommended for use with this airbrush.

The Mr. Linear Compressor series can be directly connected to the Pro Spray Mk-6.


Code: GNZPS-166
Release Date: Oct 2014
Item Size/Weight: 28.0cm x 9.5cm x 18.0cm / 610g
Manufacturer: GSI Creos