Bring the world of NieR:Automata into your home with this remarkable 1/4th scale statue from Square Enix and Prime 1 Studio's new collaboration brand: SQUARE ENIX MASTERLINE! This line of statuettes is far from your average scale figure brand, as it specializes in bringing you both the characters and atmosphere from the most beloved Square Enix titles in stunning detail- starting with the signature protagonists from NieR:Automata.

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High-End Collectible

This is the ultimate collector's piece for "NieR:Automata" fans, capturing the beloved characters from the series in meticulous detail. But the high-end feel doesn't stop at the sculpt, the posing of the characters creates an action-filled composition that can be enjoyed from any angle, and the base brings the game's post-apocalyptic setting to life with careful painting and textures so you can truly grasp the wasteland the characters are battling in!

Three Stunning Versions

The standard statue features characters 2B, 9S, and A2 in the heat of battle and dressed in their well-known outfits from the game. But fans who want the ultimate experience can also grab the deluxe version, which includes swappable parts for each character for multiple display options to enjoy. And for those diehard 2B fans, you can even grab the single character version featuring 2B along with her optional maskless head part!

Up-Close Look

While this figure is impressive enough from far away, it really shines when you view its many details up-close! Looking at 2B's gorgeous features is almost like looking at her directly through your game screen, with her delicately painted lips glistening in the light, and her soft blue eyes shining from under her hair. Each character and piece of the base is so carefully sculpted that you can easily admire it for hours on end!

Size and Materials

At 1/4th scale, this statue is already larger than your average figure, but with the diorama base and three characters occupying its space, it really feels larger than life! The 3-figure version measures 62.3cm at its tallest point (just over 24-inches tall), so its bound to be the centerpiece of any room or collection!

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