Hobby Life at Home!

Hobby Life at Home
If you’re stuck indoors with lots of time on your hands, why not try out something new! We have a wide selection of items you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home, from easy-to-build kits to more advanced models, to fun puzzles and paper craft items, and more!
When it comes to kits, there’s nothing more fun and relaxing than a Gunpla build! Our selection of Gundam kits range from simple and easy items like Haro and Bear’gguys, to complex kits like the Master Grade models, and all the skill levels in-between. Try out something new today!View
If Gundam isn't your cup of tea but you're interested in starting a new hobby, why not try out a kit from our wide variety of sci-fi models! Many of these kits feature snap-fit assembly (no paint or glue required), and include mecha, humanoid robots, and more!View
Sci-fi kits aren't the only scale models in our selection! We have an extensive selection of scale model kits to choose from, including tanks, aircraft, warships, automobiles, and much more. These models tend to be on a higher skill level than sci-fi kits, but if you're up for the challenge, you're in for a rewarding experience!
Last but not least from our scale model collection are the automobiles! From racing kits to passenger cars, try building from your favorite make and model, and customize it to your liking! We also have a wide variety of Mini 4WD cars, for those who want some extra enjoyment after their build is complete!
Everyone loves a good puzzle, and we have a massive catalogue of over 2,000 puzzles to choose from. There are simple puzzles, 3D puzzles, and those with 2,000 pieces, or even the ultra challenging pure white puzzles! Have some fun or torture yourself for hours!View
Wanna try something fun and unique? Check out these amazing paper craft kits from Ensky and other brands! They're available in difficulties of all kinds, and can get pretty extreme depending on whether you want a kit that lasts a couple hours, or a few days. Check them out!View
If you're enjoying some time indoors with family or friends, then why not try out a new board game or party game? From the classics to the wackier Japanese stacking games, there's something for everyone in our catalogue!View
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