Golden Week 2019 Giveaway!

Golden Week Campaign and Giveaway
This campaign has ended.
If you've already received a paper craft,
you can still enter to win until May 31st!

Part 1
Starting April 22, we're including a paper craft kit with all shipments. Mixing sci-fi and traditional origami, this fun-to-build samurai helmet is mecha-inspired and will make a nice decoration or hat for your figures, small pets, or just about anything!

Paper Craft Kit

Part 2
Get your camera ready, 'cause it's photo contest time! We're giving away up to 10,000 yen in HLJ Bonus Store Credit to the lucky winners who enter our photo contest. Details will be included on the paper craft kit, so be sure to keep it with you.

Snap a photo!

• While supplies last, one Golden Week paper craft sheet will be included with every shipment of items at the time an order is packed to ship out. (If you order an item not currently in stock, or select Private Warehouse as the order handling method for your order, please be aware that stock of the Golden Week paper craft may run out before the item ships. This campaign is only good as long as our stock of paper craft sheets lasts!)

• Please be aware that the Golden Week paper craft sheet is included at the time of shipment, and not at the time the order is placed.

• Please note that this campaign only applies to orders of items shipped on April 22, 2019 (JST) and on, while supplies last. Orders for items shipped before April 22, 2019 JST are not eligible to receive the bonus Golden Week paper craft.

• In the event of unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to end the campaign early.

How to Make the HLJ Golden Week Paper Craft Helmet
Snap a photo! History of the Kabuto (Samurai Helmet) Origami

Our paper craft is inspired by the Japanese holiday "Children's Day," which takes place every year on May 5th during Golden Week. The origami (known as "Kabuto") is meant to look like a samurai helmet and is used in decorations on Children's Day to help young boys grow up healthy and strong.

Miniature hat border