World-renowned Japanese watchmaker Citizen has a new addition to their professional-grade sports watch lineup "Promaster", and it's a collaboration that we're excited to bring to you for the first time overseas!

Introducing the EVA x CITIZEN PROMASTER Aqualand watch starring Evangelion Unit-01!

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The Design

Citizen makes the most out of this collaboration, with each small detail of the watch reminiscent of Unit-01 and the Evangelion series! The Eva's distinct purple and green coloring are used throughout the watch's design, and even the yellow of its eyes and orange points of its color design are present in the watch's hands. To top it off, the face of the watch features an "EVA 1" marking, just in case you had any doubts as to whether it was an official product, or just a coincidental color scheme!

The Deep Dive

From Citizen's "Promaster Aqualand" series, this highly durable watch is not only practical for every day use, but can also be used as a diver's watch! It's equipped with photovoltaic Eco-Drive technology, and can simultaneously display a depth gauge and time with a design to ensure high visibility even under water.

Additionally, this limited-edition watch is limited to 400 pieces, and includes a serial number for collectors.

The Perks

The watch includes an original tank-shaped case with an Evangelion 2020 official logo, and comes in a sleek presentation box featuring a foil-stamped logo as well.

And to make this collector's piece even better, the watch features Citizen's DLC coating, which makes the surface of the watch about five times harder than stainless steel. You can wear this scratch-resistant watch every day with confidence that it will remain beautiful for years to come!

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