DelGuard Type Lx 0.5mm White

$9.70 USD $9.70 USD


This is a pencil with a replaceable and mechanically extendable core.

This amazingly designed mechanical pencil features a two-part system to prevent the lead from breaking while you're writing! A spring in the barrel of the pencil allows the lead to move back into the pencil with too much vertical pressure; too much sideways pressure will trigger another spring to automatically extend the lead guard. In addition, the pencil has a low center of gravity for less fatigue while writing. Its smooth white metal barrel is classy and stylish, too! Comes with an 0.5mm lead.


  • [Pencil Type]: Mechanical pencil 
  • [Eraser Refill Type]: G 
  • [Lead Size]: 0.5mm 
  • [Pencil Size]: About 14.6cm long (shaft diameter about 1.04cm) 
  • [Weight]: About 47g


Code: ZBRP-MA86--WH-L05
Release Date:
Item Size/Weight: 19.5cm x 5.6cm x 2.0cm / 50g
Manufacturer: ZEBRA