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We're offering discounts up to 90% off on hundreds of select items from our catalogue, from action figures and anime gear, to military models and more! But the deals only last a day, so check back here every day at 11:00am this month to see the newest items on sale, and order before they're gone!

Daily Deal Conditions

  • Daily Deals change every day at 11am JST.
  • The rotating Daily Deals begin January 15 11am JST, and end February 1st 11am JST.
  • Daily Deal sale discounts apply only to in-stock sale items that appear above on this page. Any order handling method is fine.
  • Availability of Daily Deal items' stock is subject to change without notice. An in-stock item in your cart may go out of stock if our last piece was ordered by another customer before you placed your order.

  • Items with a stock status of "In Stock: Orders usually filled within (time frame)" are not eligible for sale discounts.

  • Refunds or price adjustments are not available for any price differences for items purchased any time prior to or after that item's period as a sale item on this page.

  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to end the sale early.