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Get 2,000 Yen Cashback

Qualifying Items

Iron Man Mark 6

Iron Man leads the fight in his Mark 6 armor, and comes with plenty of battle damaged parts that bring even more detail to his iconic suit! He also includes effect parts for mid-air posing!

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Captain America

Captain America features a realistic weathered effect to his entire body for a dynamic appearance, and comes with a battle damaged shield so you can display him in the heat of battle!

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Thor joins the fray with Mjolnir in hand and a newly sculpted "Avengers" suit! His legendary hammer can be displayed with lightning or swinging effect parts for plenty of battle pose options!

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Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange joins the team straight from his Battle on Titan with Thanos! His cloak is made from cloth with a built-in wire to show off the variety of actions shown in the film. And he includes clear parts to recreate his distinctive mystic arts.

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Spider Man

Peter Parker jumps into battle in his Iron Spider suit from "Avengers Endgame"! He comes with web effect parts, the Nano Gauntlet, and of course, his mechanical spider-arms to complete the look!

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Nick Fury

Leading the team is the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. himself, Nick Fury! Appearing on the scene in his iconic black jacket, he comes with a gun just in case he has to take matters into his own hands!

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Avengers Assemble Terms

・ The campaign period starts on 2021 May 13 JST and ends on 2021 May 21 JST.

・ To be eligible for the campaign, you must make a "Ship Now" order or create a shipment from your Private Warehouse during any day of the campaign period that contains one or more of the qualifying items listed above.

・The amount awarded will be based on the number of qualifying items shipped during the campaign period. Any combination of qualifying items will be eligible, and any number of separate shipments will count towards the total as long as the shipments are made during the campaign period.

・Ship one qualifying item to receive 500 yen Store Credit. Ship two qualifying items to receive 1,200 yen Store Credit. Ship three or more qualifying items to receive 2,000 yen Store Credit.

・ Eligible accounts will receive a cashback amount based on the number of qualifying items shipped during the campaign period. The cashback will be awarded as HLJ Store Credit on the account used to ship the qualifying items. Store Credit cannot be transferred to other accounts. Store Credit will be awarded by 2021 May 28 JST