All Japan Model and Hobby Show 2019 - Sneak Peek

All Japan Model and Hobby Show 2019

Tons of New Model Kits Open for Preorder Now!

It's that time of year again! The 59th All Japan Model and Hobby Show is just around the corner, and we've got news on the newest model kits that will be featured at the event!

This year's show will be held from Sept. 27th to the 29th at Tokyo's Big Sight venue, and will feature the biggest names in plamo in Japan, from Bandai, Hasegawa, and Kotobukiya, to Fine Molds, Aoshima, and many more. Our sneak peek page contains the full list of items that will be featured at the show that are available for order now, but there will be plenty of surprises at the event as well! Be sure to stay tuned to as well as our Facebook and Twitter page when we cover the newest info live from the show on Sept. 27th!

We're continuing to add info and photos of new items debuting at the show, so keep checking back!

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Hasegawa brings us a newly tooled kit of the outstanding eighth-generation Nissan Bluebird U12 SSS Attesa Limited from 1987! This stunning car became popular due to its simple, slim appearance and powerful yet stable driving performance. It was equipped with a 175PS DOHC turbo, and featured the newly-adopted center differential full-time 4WD system called Attesa. Car modelers aren't going to want to miss this one for their collection!

Next up is something for you motorbike fans out there: the Suzuki GSX-R750! It first appeared in 1985 and laid the foundation for many large-displacement race bikes to come with its oil-cooled engine, and surpisingly light weight for the 400cc class. The kit is newly molded and will feature chrome-plated parts for a realistic gleam.

Hasegawa is continuing their 1/24 figure lineup with the stylish 1970s! The kit will include two resin figures, ready to be painted and posed together with your 1/24-scale car models for the ultimate display!

Also on the way is a limited-edition kit of the mighty Minerva from the "Crusher Joe" OVA! The Minerva is molded in color and snaps together, and even comes with a 1/20-scale resin figure of Alfin in her swimwear, as seen at the beginning of the anime.

And from Hasegawa's sci-fi lineup, we've got the new Mechatro WeGo companions, the squirrel-like RS Tekku & Reef! These kits will also feature snap-fit assembly, so they're great for beginners who want to try out a Hasegawa kit, or for experts looking for a relaxing build. Be sure to check these out and more when we cover their booth at the Hobby Show!



Aoshima starts off strong this year with a classic "Future Boy Conan" kit featuring the Robonoid from episode 11 of the show! The 1/20 scale kit also includes small figurines of both Conan and the captain, allowing them to be inserted in or atop the Robonoid itself. A bulletproof plate and machine gun can be equipped for an awesome scenic display!

Snap your fingers for this snap-kit rolling in second place for our Aoshima hype list - a 1/32 scale Suzuki Jimny kit! Not only does it snap together for easy assembly, the kit is also molded in three attractive colors so you don't have to worry about paint for the basic display! Choose between Blisk Blue Metallic, Chiffon Ivory Metallic, or Pure White Pearl. This rugged workhorse of a vehicle is a fantastic addition to any collection.

Next we have the Yamaha FJR1300A, a new addition to Aoshima's finished bike model series! The model is pre-assembled and ready for display right out of the box, and what a display it is! A combination of sportiness and elegance are integrated into this bike, giving it an eye-catchingly sharp look. It comes in two colors, giving you a choice between a matte dark purple color or a dark gray metallic finish. Definitely a must-have for bike enthusiasts!

A rarity is next on our list: the Pagani Huayra was announced in 2011 as the successor to the Zonda; only 100 of this mid-engine supercar were produced. But there's nothing to fear, because who needs the real thing when Aoshima is bringing us a 1/24 model kit of that very same supercar!? Aoshima has gone the extra mile with reproducing the fine details of this beautiful vehicle, and the doors can open and close, as well! Don't miss it!

And finally, we're going to close this Aoshima list off with their newest version of the British Navy's HMS Norfolk kit in 1/700 scale! It features a full standard hull reproduction and catapults. It also includes decals for its camouflage paint job. Ship enthusiasts should definitely keep their eyes open for this one!



Fine Molds kicks off the Hobby Show lineup with a Studio Ghibli classic: the Air Destroyer Goliath from "Laputa: Castle in the Sky!" The kit will feature snap-fit assembly, and can be completed without paint, too. And to make it even better, a 1/20-scale figure of Colonel Muska is also included.

Next up is a new line of kits in collaboration with artist Sino: Rekiso Otome! This series depicts young women in uniform alongside 1/35 scale military subjects, and the first kits in the series feature a Kurogane Type 95 and a 75mm Mountain Gun.

Last up in Fine Molds' collection of new kits is a collection of equipment for your 1/700-scale ship needs, including binoculars and other accessories for you battleships to Maritime Self-Defense Force firefighting equipment, such as floating rings, fire extinguishers, and much more!



Kotobukiya always leaves their best items a secret so they can surprise us at the Hobby Show, but for now, we can showcase some of their accessory parts that will be on display at the event! This year, they're showing off their new Weapon Units (the Battle Lance in gold and the Heavy Machine Gun), as well as their new Mecha Supply set and a flying base, all useable with Frame Arms, Megami Device, and most of their other sci-fi kits.



Wave has an exciting line-up waiting for us this year at the hobby show! We're starting off with their newly molded 1/20 Maschinen Krieger KAUZ, a fully articulated military space suit model with snap-fit joints for easy assembly! Another movable kit with snap-fit joints is Wave's 1/20 Maschinen Krieger Gladiator, which can be assembled in three different ways!

VOTOMS also gets a bit of the spotlight with Wave's Burglary Dog ST Ver. of the 1/35 scale Armored Trooper kit based off of the 1994 OVA, "Shining Heresy"! As with the previous series, this kit is a snap-fit type that requires no adhesive, and features a fully movable model with a polycap on each joint. The Armored Trooper's gun and trample rigger can be stored and deployed with ease, too!

Let's hop off Wave's metaphorical model kit surfboard for a second and focus on some tools that you'll no doubt find incredibly useful! Wave's HG Slide T Ruler 2, this awesome measuring tool allows the parallel cutting of plastic plates and is useful as a guide tons of other applications like angle cutting! Wave's Handy Router Mk.1 is, well… handy! It conveniently uses a USB power supply to cut and polish your kits at home or on the go with ten different bit types. Be sure to add these fun and helpful tools to your collection!



A new line of kits will be on display at Pit-Road for your viewing pleasure as well! First up we have the 1/700 scale IJN Destroyer Kagero 1939, which was a Kagero-class Destroyer built for the Imperial Japanese Navy in 1930. The Kagero was the lead ship in a fleet of 19 vessels and the JMSDF Destroyer DDG-163 Amatsukaze ("Heavenly Wind"), which will also be showcased is apart of that fleet. Both kits will allow you to display them as a waterline model, or as a full-hull model, and both feature a completely new mold.

Sailing in the same shores, will be the "In This Corner (and Other Corners) of the World:" IJN Battleship Yamato ship, which can also be displayed as a waterline model or as a full-hull model.

Pit-Road will also have the "World's Latest Stealth Aircraft Set," featuring the USA:F-22, F-35C Russian :Su-57, Su-35s China:J-20 and the J-31. This set is centered around the latest stealth fighters in each country, also known as the 5th generation jet fighters. Flying closely behind will be the A-225 Mriya Military Transport Aircraft & Space Shuttle Orbiter Buran. Both models with a completely new mold. Don't miss the full Pit-Road here, and be sure to check them out in our show report, too!



While you're checking out new model kits appearing at the show, be sure not to miss out on latest hobby supplies, too! GSI Creos brings us the Mr. Sharpness Nippers, perfect for cutting out parts from plastic model gates. They'll feature a thin blade finished at a 25 degree angle for a clean cut with little pressure necessary to break your parts free. Also on the way from GSI Creos is a new version of their double action Mr. Air Brush, the Mr. Wiping Cloth with its static electricty suppresent, Mr. Apron for your painting projects, and Mr. Small Diameter HSS Drill!



Have you ever rummaged through your workspace looking for a tool that seems to have just picked itself up and gone for a nice stroll? Well, kicking off the Platz showcase we have a new wooden stand to keep your tools organized and in check! Designed to keep your sneaky clippers, tweezers and knives within reach, it will also allow you to create an efficient workflow that will speed up your working process.

Next up we have a 1/72 scale kit of the Mi-24V/VP Hind E, a kit that will quell the thirst of enthusiasts all around. With decals from Cartograf, builders can give this kit the love it deserves. Platz is also continuing their Full Action lineup with the 1/72 Focke-Wulf Fw190A. This kit comes with detail-up parts, which have been carefully crafted by Eduard for your modeling pleasure.

And finally, we have the super tapered round file and the stainless file shine blade (Guru Guru Bar). The first allows for you to get into those hard to reach places, which will give your model an all-round smooth look and feel. The second file is not only lightweight, but comes with a unique U-groove structure that makes it harder to clog.



Tamiya brings aircraft fans a long-awaited kit with their new Lockheed P-38 F/G Lightning in 1/48 scale! This unique fighter from World War II has been brought to life in amazing detail thanks to extensive research and innovative modeling techniques by the Tamiya crew. The kit can be built in either its P-38F or P-38G form, and features a detailed cockpit with the wheel-type controls, radio, throttle box and more, along with weights to give the model proper balance, and much more. This is a must-have kit for any aircraft modeler out there!

Next up from their military series is an impressive kit of the Panzerkampfwagen 38(t) Ausf.E/F in 1/35 scale! It features all-new molding, and comes with a commander figure and photo-etch for the mesh covering to bring an extra realistic touch to the model.

From Tamiya's Mini 4WD lineup comes something special for fans: a limited edition version of the Cyclone Magnum celebrating the 25th anniversary of this popular series! The 25th anniversary commemorative logo is engraved on the bottom of the white Super TZ-X chassis, and it comes with fluorescent green spiral spoke wheels and clear type stickers for a clean and slick look. Mini 4WDs aren't the only racers in the lineup though, they also have a 1/12 Porsche 934 Jagermeister kit with photo-etched parts, and from their finished motorbike series comes the 1/12 Yamaha XV1600 Road Star Custom!



Revell is rarin' to go this upcoming hobby show season! We're predicting their Airbus A321 Neo kit will be the thing to keep an eye on this round. With fine details and astounding accuracy, the undercarriage of this aircraft is incredibly detailed and comes with a display allowing the user to present it standing on the ground. Collectors should keep a look out for more details at the show!

Revell's huge RMS Queen Mary 2 model kit is back at it again, this time in a premium edition that comes with photo-etched parts! The rest of the kit is the same amazing kit as before with swimming pools, tennis courts, staterooms, lifeboats... you name it, it's got it! If you missed out on this kit before, you definitely won't want to watch this one sail away a second time.

Another exciting spotlight piece is the German Schwerer Wehrmachtschlepper SS-100. This vehicle also comes with a transporter and V-2 rocket to trail behind the main star of the kit itself. It'll definitely make for a cool display! And last but not least, Revell is showing a new F-104G Startfighter NL/B model kit and an Airbus A350-900 Lufthansa "New Livery" designed kit. We're certain these new takes on classic aircrafts will be a hit at show!



ICM starts off the show with a new 1/32 scale Gloster Gladiator Mk 1, a fighter plane used by the Royal Air Force in the 1930s. They're also bringing us the twin-engine A-26B-15 Invader in 1/48 scale, a kit that will surely leave you feeling high, and get you excited about the next kit on the ICM line, the 1/5 WWI USA Army Truck!

Finally, ICM will be showing off the 1/35 French Zouaves kit, the perfect complementary piece to the 1/35 Kfz.2 WWII German Light Radio Communication Car. S, that will also be on display. Be sure to check our coverage so you can see them all lined up at ICM's booth!



Takom just keeps on getting better and better! On display at the show will be their new Blitz series Jagdtiger in 1/35 scale. The Blitz series provides the highest level of detail with a lower parts count, ease of assembly, and a mighty reasonable price. Other kits include an all-new tooling of the venerable US Army Jeep in 1/35, and very unique Russian CIWS system kit, and a very futuristic Polish "stealth tank" prototype, the PL-01. And don't miss the 1/72 Object 279 kit in a nifty two-pack!



Meng will be showing off their 1/35 scale M4A3 (76) W Sherman model kit, featuring some new tooling! It'll include two types of road wheels, suspension, and even metal springs. We've kept our eye on this one, and you should too!

But we're not done with the armor excitement, yet! Next in the Meng line-up is their TS-044 Israel Main Battle Tank Magach 6B GAL model kit in 1/35 scale! It'll feature the standard configuration of MENG AFV model kits with movable suspension and workable tracks. Super detailed photo-etched parts and even a track assembly jig is included. Check it out this upcoming hobby show!

This latest MENG VS-012 Wasp Flamethrower Jeep vehicle model kit is next up on our list! It's a 1/35 scale replica of the fierce Willys MB, echoing the history of the vehicle's flexible and bold operations that gained many victories. The kit will include an engine interior, clear lights, windshield, and soft vinyl piping for the flamethrower fuel tank. Talk about a hot kit!

And lastly we're featuring Meng's 1/48 scale LS-010 North American P-51D/K fighter "Eighth Fleet" assembly model kit! It includes two eighty fleet air combat ace decals and features a glue-free design for easy assembly. This makes it a fun leisurely build for experts and an awesome kit for beginners. The accuracy, rich surface details, and huge variety of mounting options makes this kit a must-have!



The main star of Panda Hobby is the 1/35 M109A7 Paladin. This kit comes with photo-etched parts, multiple decal options and a resin figure to enhance the display of the finished product. The tracks are a metal connection assembly type, giving a satisfying heft and feel to the building process. Panda Hobby is also going to show off their unique 1/35 HMEE-1 High Mobility Engineer Excavator with photo-etched parts and resin tires, as well as their very long-winded 1/35 15CM SFH 13/1(SF) AUF GW LR.S.(F) SD.KFZ. 135/1 kit that also comes with photo-etched parts. Whew!



Kitty Hawk Models have brought in a wide range of kits that will surely turn heads. First up we have a 1/35 scale HH-60G Pave Hawk, which is a U.S. Air Force twin-turboshaft engine helicopter based on the UH-60 Blackhawk, and is used mainly for the purpose of rescuing soldiers in hostile war areas. This kit comes with highly detailed photo-etched parts and two resin pilot figures.

Next up we have the 1/48 scale FJ-2 Fury, which has four 20mm cannons that were based on the F-86 Saber. A highly-detailed kit that comes with two resin models and photo-etched parts that will surely leave fellow hobbyists foaming at the mouth.

Kitty Hawk Models continues their lineup with a 1/48 scale model kit of a MiG-25PU Foxbat, which is a two-seat training aircraft with the new instructor's seat situated at the front of the cockpit. This highly detailed kit comes with two resin models, and is ready to fly its way into your collection bringing along its friend, the 1/48 scale Ural 4320 & APA-5D kit, a 6x6 multi-purpose off-road truck designed at the Ural automobile plant in Russia. The APA-5D is based on the Ural 4320, and supplies power to start military aircraft engines; it is also used as a tow tractor. This kit allows for modelers to build one of each of these Russian workhorse vehicles, which comes with photo-etched parts, decals and can be used with the MiG-25PU to create a diorama that will leave fellow enthusiasts awing in envy!



Atlantis continues to keep the history of model kits alive with re-releases of classic kits from the molds of Aurora, Renwal, Monogram, and Revell! Their B-25 Mitchell Bomber Flying Dragon is the highlight of their showcase, which can be built as Flying Dragon version or Doolittle, with optional parts and decals for both. It also comes with Atlantis' swivel stand retro box top that can be framed. Next, their 1/500 USS Ticonderoga CV-14 kit can be used for planes, Regulus missiles, helicopters, and tractors of the same scale. Movable elevators and an updated enhanced decal sheet by Starfighter is also a nice highlight.

You can also look forward to seeing their highly detailed 1/320 USS Forrest Sherman Destroyer kit with three different decal sheets and their 1/535 USS Wisconsin BB-64 which features a rotatable main turret and crane.

For a fun finale to Atlantis' line-up, we want to show off their mighty 1/32 scale Lil' Red Baron kit in action from Hot Rod designer Tom Daniel! It's equipped with a custom World War II airplane engine reproduction designed specifically to fit this wild ride of a kit. The guns and german helmet give it a super unique aesthetic flare, as well!


Other Manufacturers


Of course, there are even more fun and impressive items from various other manufacturers on display! Like Amusing Hobby's 1/35 scale Ferdinand Jagdpanzer Sd.Kfz. 184 & 16t Strabokran, which replicates the fine details of the original's attached crane and emphasizing ease of assembly. Eduard's limited edition series is showing off a 1/48 scale kit of the Chattanooga Choo Choo, a beautifully detailed kit that includes colored photo-etched parts and decals for 6 variations of designs. Sword is bringing their 1/72 scale U-125A Ltd. Ed. with photo-etched parts, decals, and some clear parts.

Rye Field Models is showing off their 1/35 scale tank that really needs no introduction, the M4A3E8 Sherman Easy Eight. This nicely detailed 100% new tool kit comes with a plethora of different options and features like a workable suspension, hatches that can be posed open or closed, and multi-part track links.

NuNu is bringing their 1/24 kit of the Racing Series Porsche 935K3! This features lights on the roof and doors of the car and a fully detailed drivers seat. Don't forget to suit up your Porche with NuNu's own extra parts that increase the details on the car, too - you'll want them to make sure it's displayed in the highest realism possible!

Italeri is bringing a 1/12 scale kit of the racing car that took the world by storm, the Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza! This smaller replica of this infamous car is featured in great detail, including the engine, chassis frame, suspension, and driver's seat! On VERYFIRE's end, they're showing off their 1/350 scale USS Salem CA-139 kit; a full hull model with metal anchor chain and photo-etching details. You'll be amazed at how well this kit's delicate details compliment its large scale!

F-Toys has some fun, small collectibles to show off this upcoming show! You'll want to check out their Wing Kit Collection Vol.17, featuring seaplanes from both Japan and Germany! With ten whole pieces to collect, you can create a super impressive display of all ten when they're released! And, finally, let's end this manufacturer montage with something Sci-Fi and fun from Polar Lights - a "Star Trek" 1/2500 scale Discovery NCC-1701 USS Enterprise! This kit follows the original design from the original show, with aztec-styled decals to enhance the details of the hull.

With tons of offerings by dozens of manufacturers, there's something for everyone at the show!