Cheap Shipping Now Available to the US (And Other Countries)!
We are pleased to now offer cheap shipping worldwide! Air Small Packet is a low-priced way to help you get what you want, when you want it, at a price you can afford!
Need a cheaper shipping option?

Air Small Packet is an affordable option for your items, at nearly half the price of the other available methods for HG Gundam kits, Nendoroids, and other similarly-sized products!

Have a small order?

If you only have one item awaiting shipment, or a few smaller-sized items in your Private Warehouse, Air Small Packet is the perfect method for you! With a weight limit of 2kg and max size of 90cm, it can even fit some MG Gundam kits!

Can Air Small Packet ship to my country?

Air Small Packet is currently available to ship to the United States, along with Argentina, Ireland, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and many other locations!
Click here for the full list of options.

When will my package arrive?

Air Small Packet is currently estimated at 2 to 6 week delivery time, so it's a great affordable option if you don't need your item in a hurry. If you'd like your item faster and with tracking and insurance, check out our FedEx and DHL methods, available to most countries now!

・Rates will differ depending on your country.

・Due to the size and weight restrictions of Air Small Packet, not all items can ship by this method. Additionally, including multiple items in your cart may bump your shipment above the maximum size and weight for Air Small Packet as well.

・Packages shipped by Air Small Packet may experience delays due to COVID-19.