1/35 M2/M2A1 Halftrack

by Dragon
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This is an injection-plastic military vehicle model kit.

With numerous variations and over 17,000 units manufactured, the US Army's M2 halftrack and its derivatives played a vital role in the Allied victory in WWII. Created by adding a tracked rear suspension to the M3 scout car, the M2 halftracks were well-suited for any kind of terrain. Initially used as a prime mover and reconnaissance vehicle, it later adopted many other roles, such as a mobile platform for various cannons and anti-aircraft guns.

Wait, wait...can you hear that? Yes, that deafening roar is the jubilant cheers from countless numbers of Allied armor modelers, who have wanted, no, CRAVED a newly-tooled kit of the venerable US halftrack for decades! Dragon heard the woeful cries, and has responded in typical Dragon fashion with what promises to be a styrene tour-de-force on par with their previous German 251 halftrack series. This two-in-one "Smart Kit" kit builds into either an M2 or M2A1, with all the parts needed to accurately build either version. "Smart Kits" are Dragon's answer for optimizing detail and accuracy while preserving the ease-of-build factor, employing slide-mold technology to pack as much molded-on detail onto each part as possible. Includes photo-etched parts and injection-molded tracks that accurately capture the look and detail of the actual rubber-coated steel tracks. With the flurry of Allied subjects as of late, there has never been a better time to be a fan of Olive Drab! Pre-order now!


Code: DRA6329
Release Date: Nov 2006
Item Size/Weight: 38.2cm x 24.6cm x 8.2cm / 530g
Manufacturer: Dragon

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