1/100 Auge Aluusqull

by Volks
$141.20 USD $141.20 USD


This is a fixed-pose, resin-cast kit of a science-fiction/anime item.

Volks just keeps on bringing in the winners with this kit of the Auge, the second attempt by Amaterasu to create an ultimate mortar headd. The Auge is equipped with unique "active veils," the overlapping shields on each arm, which can work independently of each other to produce an almost impenetrable barrier against attack.

Cast in 87 almost flawless resin pieces, this kit will build up to an impressive display. Each of the active veils is a single piece, which makes painting and assembly easier.

This is a very detailed kit and requires advanced skills to build and paint. Pinning of major joints is recommended. No base is included, but it's strongly recommended that you mount the finished piece to one.

Please note: This is a resin-cast "garage kit" and by definition the parts will need some cleanup--removal of mold lines and flash (excess resin), filling of pinholes and gaps between parts that fit imperfectly, et cetera--before painting and assembly. This is normal, and these sorts of imperfections are not considered manufacturing defects.


Code: VOL21122
Release Date: Feb 2007
Item Size/Weight: 37.0cm x 23.0cm x 9.0cm / 900g
Manufacturer: Volks

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