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ALT20266 Alter 1/8 Guilty Gear XX Accent Core: Dizzy PVC In Stock ¥11,210
ALT20283 Alter 1/8 Mio Sakamoto PVC In Stock ¥7,020
ALT20309 Alter 1/8 Ohana Matsumae PVC In Stock ¥7,020
ALT20310 Alter 1/8 Nodoka Manabe PVC In Stock ¥6,120
ALT20314 Alter 1/8 Gisen Yagyu PVC In Stock ¥7,020
ALT20317 Alter 1/8 Laura Bodewig Maid Ver. PVC In Stock ¥8,820
ALT20322 Alter 1/8 Nadeko Sengoku PVC In Stock ¥7,020
ALT20325 Alter 1/8 Waver Velvet with Mini Rider PVC In Stock ¥7,200
ALT20331 Alter 1/8 Sanya V. Litvyak Rocket Booster Ver. PVC In Stock ¥8,820
ALT20332 Alter 1/8 Kazuno PVC In Stock ¥11,400
ALT20334 Alter 1/8 Melty PVC In Stock ¥9,900
ALT20337 Alter 1/8 Eru Chitanda PVC In Stock ¥7,020
ALT20345 Alter 1/8 Miu Takanashi PVC In Stock ¥7,410
ALT20348 Alter 1/8 Melty Christmas Ver. In Stock ¥10,450
AMG31034 Amie Grand 1/8 Infinite Stratos Charlotte Dunois Polystone Completed In Stock ¥11,730
AMGBAK-001 Amie Grand 1/8 Hideyoshi Kinoshita Nurse Ver. Polystone Completed In Stock ¥11,880
AMXAX-0094 Alpha Max 1/8 Shining Ark: Velvet In Stock ¥9,800
AMXAX-0105 Alpha Max 1/8 Oreimo: Kirino Kousaka One-Piece Ver. In Stock ¥7,800
AMXAX-0106 Alpha Max 1/8 Kuroneko One-Piece Ver. PVC In Stock ¥7,410
AMXAX-0112 Alpha Max 1/8 Asuna ALO Ver. PVC In Stock ¥9,310
AMXAX-0114 Alpha Max 1/8 Dragon's Crown: Sorceress In Stock ¥11,800
AOS09649 Aoshima 1/8 Masterpiece of Minami Yaegashi Girl's Accident In Stock ¥7,650
AQA65005 Aquamarine 1/8 GUMI from Megpoid Native Type Mamama In Stock ¥8,143
AST00015 Art Sprits 1/8 Kodama Himegami PVC In Stock ¥8,800
AST00016 Art Sprits 1/8 Mei Misaki PVC In Stock ¥6,480
AST00017 Art Sprits 1/8 Precious Collection Mikan Yuuki PVC In Stock ¥8,500


BAN961401 Bandai 1/8 MG Figurerise Son Goku Backordered
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks

In Stock

BET10631 Beat 1/8 Shokunyu 2 Aizawa Sanae In Stock ¥7,020
BRC23087 Broccoli 1/8 Super Sonico Toothbrushing Ver. PVC In Stock ¥7,714
CAD13382 Character and Anime Dot Com 1/8 Ruiko Saten Pajamas Ver. PVC In Stock ¥7,220
CAD13412 Character and Anime Dot Com 1/8 List of Oreimo episodes: Black Dress Kuroneko In Stock ¥6,840
CAD13416 Character and Anime Dot Com 1/8 Incident Notebook Of Old Book Biburia Hall: Shiori Shinokawa In Stock ¥10,000
CAD13417 Character and Anime Dot Com 1/8 To Heart 2 DX Plus: Konomi Yuzuhara Maid Bikini Through The Pengu In Stock ¥7,200
CAD13418 Character and Anime Dot Com 1/8 Sword Art Online: Asuna New Wife YES Pillow Ver. Anytime In Stock ¥8,553
CAD13429 Character and Anime Dot Com 1/8 Vividred Operation Akane Isshiki Toothbrushing Akane Good Morning Ver. In Stock ¥7,200
CAF79462 Cafe Reo 1/8 Nagito Komaeda PVC In Stock ¥7,410
CLY18155 Clayz 1/8 Ruri Gokou Resi-Carat (Pre-Painted Kit) In Stock ¥13,500
CLY18164 Clayz 1/8 Kirino Kousaka Sleeping Ver. In Stock ¥12,000
CLY18167 Clayz 1/8 Ririchiyo Shirakiin PVC In Stock ¥7,920
CLY18168 Clayz 1/8 Karuta Roromiya PVC In Stock ¥7,920
EMB91081 Embrace Japan 1/8 Victorique PVC In Stock ¥11,970
FRE29365 Freeing 1/8 Kai Harn PVC In Stock ¥7,543
FRE29376 Freeing 1/8 Dalian PVC In Stock ¥10,971
FRE29380 Freeing 1/8 Lisa Silverman PVC In Stock ¥7,543
FRE29385 Freeing 1/8 Subaru PVC In Stock ¥8,400
FRE29386 Freeing 1/8 Nanoha Takamachi PVC In Stock ¥16,114
FRE29415 Freeing 1/8 Nyaruko PVC In Stock ¥7,543
FRE29420 Freeing 1/8 Remon Yamano PVC In Stock ¥7,543
FRE29425 Freeing 1/8 Mu No.12 PVC In Stock ¥14,095
FRE29445 Freeing 1/8 Mei Misaki Swimsuit Ver. PVC In Stock ¥7,962
FRE29449 Freeing 1/8 Lisara Restall Y-Shirt Ver. PVC In Stock ¥8,381
FRE29453 Freeing 1/8 Miu Ousawa Y-Shirt Ver. In Stock ¥8,381
FRE29454 Freeing 1/8 Asuna PVC In Stock ¥8,381
FRE29460 Freeing 1/8 Ichiko Sakura PVC In Stock ¥7,962
FRE29463 Freeing 1/8 Chiwa Harusaki PVC In Stock ¥7,962
FRE29464 Freeing 1/8 Masuzu Natsukawa PVC In Stock ¥8,381
FRE29481 Freeing 1/8 Yuzuko Nonohara Swimsuit Ver. PVC In Stock ¥7,962
FRE29485 Freeing 1/8 Madoka Kaname Yukata Ver. PVC In Stock ¥8,381
FRE29494 Freeing 1/8 Akiko Himenokoji PVC In Stock ¥8,381
FRE29496 Freeing 1/8 Chihiro PVC In Stock ¥8,381
FRE29498 Freeing 1/8 Cesca PVC In Stock ¥8,381
FRE29499 Freeing 1/8 Border Break BB Gals Collection (4 Set) In Stock ¥23,619
GIF68005 Gift 1/8 Arthur (Eiyu Senki) PVC In Stock ¥8,400
GRFAG-01 Griffon Enterprise 1/8 Nagi Kodachi School Swimsuit Ver. PVC In Stock ¥8,500
GRFBS-10 Griffon Enterprise 1/8 Yozora Mikazuki Gym Suit Ver. PVC In Stock ¥7,790
GRFBS-11 Griffon Enterprise 1/8 Yukimura Kusunoki Butler Ver. PVC In Stock ¥7,980
GRFBS-12 Griffon Enterprise 1/8 Sena Kashiwazaki Miniskirt Fencer Ver.PVC In Stock ¥8,400
GRFBS-13 Griffon Enterprise 1/8 Yozora Mikazuki Witch Ver.PVC In Stock ¥8,500
GRFGJ-01 Griffon Enterprise 1/8 Mao Amatsuka School Uniform Ver. PVC In Stock ¥8,740
GRFHN-01 Griffon Enterprise 1/8 Nyaruko PVC In Stock ¥8,075
GRFHN-02 Griffon Enterprise 1/8 Kuko PVC In Stock ¥8,400
GRFKK-01 Griffon Enterprise 1/8 Aoi Mukou PVC In Stock ¥8,400
GRFKK-02 Griffon Enterprise 1/8 Miyuki Sone PVC In Stock ¥8,400
GRFKT-01 Griffon Enterprise 1/8 Haruka Kotoura School Swimsuit Apron Ver. PVC In Stock ¥8,075
GRFMJ-01 Griffon Enterprise 1/8 Musashibou Benkei PVC In Stock ¥9,200
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