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DIGWJ-45 Japan Self-Defense Forces Model Collection #45 from Deagostini Price: ¥2,371 Dec. 2014 Release

When do I have to pay for my pre-order?

GALGP1412 Ground Power #247 December 2014 from Galileo Publishing Price: ¥2,241 In Stock
GALGPEX1411 Italian Fighting Vehicles of WWII from Galileo Publishing Price: ¥2,102 Low Stock
ITD013 Japansese Small Tank Photo Album 1 from Itari-Do Price: ¥1,200 In Stock
MDG23142 Plastic Kit Instruction Book MM#071-120 from Model Graphix Price: ¥3,500 In Stock
MDG23147 Achtung Girls und Panzer #2 from Model Graphix Price: ¥3,000 In Stock
MDGAM1412 Armour Modelling December 2014 (Vol. 182) from Model Graphix Price: ¥1,314 In Stock
SAE66424 The Truth of the Self-Defense Forces from Sanei-Shobo Price: ¥722 In Stock
SUNMAG1411 Panzer November 2014 from Sunset Creative Price: ¥1,713 In Stock
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