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Hobby Japan

HBJAM1601 Arms Magazine January 2016 from Hobby Japan Price: ¥980 Backordered
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks


ITD018 Unifrom of German Paratrooper by PK from Itari-Do Price: ¥700 In Stock


KJS82920 Showa Imperial Japanese Army Personnel Affairs (Hisashi Fujii Works) from Kojinsha Price: ¥840 In Stock
KJS82923 New Guinea Artillery Corps (Masahiko Ohata Works) from Kojinsha Price: ¥820 In Stock

Kunimoto Sensyajyuku

KNS036 Type 97 57mm Tank Gun Drawing Book from Kunimoto Sensyajyuku Price: ¥1,000 In Stock

Oshu Tsuwamono Bunko

OTB001 American AFV information of wartime to know in Japan side materials from Oshu Tsuwamono Bunko Price: ¥1,000 In Stock
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