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Code Company Item Name Stock Status Price
BANN01803 Bandai DX Billy the Kid Ghost Eyecon Backordered
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
BANN01326 Bandai Ultra Monster X 10 King Gesla In Stock ¥520
BANN01339 Bandai Ultra Monster X 11 Pigmon In Stock ¥520
BAN994405 Bandai Egg Stars Ana In Stock ¥720
BAN994406 Bandai Egg Stars Elsa In Stock ¥720
BAN994426 Bandai Egg Stars Lightning McQueen WGP Ver. In Stock ¥720
BAN994427 Bandai Egg Stars Sheriff Low Stock ¥720
BAN994428 Bandai Egg Stars Red Low Stock ¥720
BANN01815 Bandai Rider Hero Series 04 Kamen Rider Spector Tutankhamun Soul Low Stock ¥720
BANN00379 Bandai Go! Princess Pretty Royal Dress-up Key Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
BANN02610 Bandai Kokotama House Hobby Winter Arrange Set In Stock ¥1,584
BANN03813 Bandai Himitsu no Kokotama: Picture Game In Stock ¥1,584
BANN01341 Bandai Ultra Monster DX Greeza In Stock ¥1,600
BAN997338 Bandai Funassyi Business Card Brothers Selection 1 Box 12pcs In Stock ¥1,728
BANN01809 Bandai GC05 Tutankhamun Ghost & Nobunaga Ghost Set Dec. 2015 Release

When do I have to pay for my pre-order?

BANN01808 Bandai GC04 Robin Ghost & Billy the Kid Ghost Set Backordered
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
BANN01914 Bandai Ghost Gadget Series 02 Cobrake-tai Low Stock ¥2,240
BAN992517 Bandai Pittan Yo-kai Watch In Stock ¥2,400
BANN01807 Bandai GC03 Kamen Rider Spector Low Stock ¥2,560
BANN01911 Bandai Ghost Gadget Series 03 Batclock Low Stock ¥2,800
BAN992544 Bandai Himo de Tsukuro Colorful Art Anpanman In Stock ¥3,184
BANN03812 Bandai Himitsu no Kokotama: Sugoroku In Stock ¥3,184
BANN01794 Bandai DX Gun Gun Hand Low Stock ¥3,600
BAN992536 Bandai Yo-kai Watch Adventure Game In Stock ¥3,680
BANN01904 Bandai Ninja Gekinetsutou In Stock ¥3,984
BANN01820 Bandai DX Iguana Ghostriker In Stock ¥4,000
BAN992534 Bandai Yo-kai Watch Gera Gera Keyboard In Stock ¥4,400
BAN997339 Bandai DX Funagoro's Feeler Special Set In Stock ¥4,400
BANN00344 Bandai Tamagotchi 4U+ Anniversary Ver. Pearl Pink Low Stock ¥5,382
BANN00377 Bandai Tamagotchi 4U+ Anniversary Ver. Pearl Purple Low Stock ¥5,382
BANN00381 Bandai Go! Princess Pretty Music Princess Palace DX In Stock ¥8,640
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