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Code Company Item Name Stock Status Price
MOV18848 Movic Hachiyou Amulet Strap Seiryu Of Earth (Tenma Morimura) In Stock ¥680
MOV18849 Movic Hachiyou Amulet Strap Inori In Stock ¥800
MOV18850 Movic Hachiyou Amulet Strap Suzaku Of Earth (Shimon Nagareyama) In Stock ¥680
MOV18851 Movic Hachiyou Amulet Strap Byakko Of Heaven (Fujiwara no Takamichi) In Stock ¥680
MOV18853 Movic Hachiyou Amulet Strap Eisen In Stock ¥680
MOV18854 Movic Hachiyou Amulet Strap Genbu Of Earth (Abe no Yasuaki) In Stock ¥680
MOV47051 Movic Gintoki Reel Key Holder In Stock ¥1,080
MOV0632 Movic Leorio Acrylic Key Holder In Stock ¥650
MOV72330 Movic Rubber Strap A Haruna Order Stop ¥475
MOV72332 Movic Rubber Strap C Kongo Order Stop ¥475
MOV72334 Movic Rubber Strap E Hyuga Order Stop ¥475
MOV72331 Movic Rubber Strap B Kirishima Order Stop ¥475
MOV72333 Movic Rubber Strap D Maya Order Stop ¥475
MOV72335 Movic Rubber Strap F Yotaro Order Stop ¥475
MOV39713 Movic Hidamari Sketch Mobile Phone Cleaner: Ume-sensei Discontinued ¥452
MOV40496 Movic Mouryo no Hako Strap Discontinued ¥800
MOV47072 Movic Hetalia Key Holder A Discontinued ¥650
MOV49037 Movic Mikoto/Kuroko Key Holder Discontinued ¥650
MOV70579 Movic Acrylic Key Chain A: Nerv Discontinued ¥650
MOV70580 Movic Acrylic Key Chain B: Asuka Hat Discontinued ¥650
MOV37437 Movic Graham Fastener Accessory Discontinued ¥500
MOV40697 Movic Keteru Key Holder Discontinued ¥450
MOV40698 Movic Rin Key Holder Discontinued ¥450
MOV47018 Movic Yamazaki Metal Charm Discontinued ¥500
MOV18852 Movic Hachiyou Amulet Strap Byakko Of Earth (Tachibana no Tomomasa) Discontinued ¥680
MOV18847 Movic Hachiyou Amulet Strap Yorihisa Minamoto Discontinued ¥800
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