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TAM54641 Tamiya OP.1642 Option Wing for Engine Car Body Aug. 2015 Release

When do I have to pay for my pre-order?

TAM18641 Tamiya Shooting Proud Star (MA) July 2015 Release

When do I have to pay for my pre-order?

TAM70139 Tamiya Form Board 5mm, B4 Size 2pcs In Stock ¥798
TAM15090 Tamiya Zero Chassis Gold Plated In Stock ¥228
TAM87167 Tamiya Diorama Material Sheet Stone Paving C In Stock ¥342
TAM74536 Tamiya Connection Joint for Basic Airbrush In Stock ¥437
TAM10310 Tamiya Mini-4WD Circuit Jump Stand 2pcs Low Stock ¥400
TAM94785 Tamiya Super X/XX Large Diameter One Way Wheel Set (Mini 4WD Limited) In Stock ¥532
TAM87045 Tamiya HF Flat Brush #02 In Stock ¥238
TAM87046 Tamiya HF Flat Brush #0 In Stock ¥238
TAM15343 Tamiya GP.343 Multi Chassis Balance Weight In Stock ¥266
TAM15233 Tamiya Screw Set B for Mini 4WD In Stock ¥133
TAM42246 Tamiya TRF Sticker C (Mirror Edge / Black) In Stock ¥570
TAM49238 Tamiya Hard 0.4 Spur Gear 88T/TB-01 In Stock ¥100
TAM94802 Tamiya 2x5mm Truss Screw (10pcs) In Stock ¥152
TAMCATRC09-B Tamiya Tamiya 2009 RC Catalog Autumn-Winter In Stock ¥60
TAM54626 Tamiya OP.1626 Buggy Driver Set In Stock ¥342
TAM15395 Tamiya GP.395 Hex Mount Set (10mm/15mm) In Stock ¥380
TAM67025 Tamiya Tamiya Imabari Hand Towel (Pink) In Stock ¥475
TAM35241 Tamiya 1/35 German Motorcycle Orderly Set In Stock ¥950
TAM35196 Tamiya 1/35 German Front-Line Infantrymen In Stock ¥950
TAM76630 Tamiya Miniature Tableware: White Heart Saucer In Stock ¥104
TAM70105 Tamiya 3mm Diameter Shaft Set In Stock ¥456
TAM70212 Tamiya Cross Universal Arm Set In Stock ¥437
TAM15460 Tamiya Mini 4WD Parts Storage Box Set In Stock ¥817
TAM55113 Tamiya Power Champ GT (Alkaline Battery 2pcs) In Stock ¥266
TAM70103 Tamiya Universal Gearbox Low Stock ¥627
TAM72003 Tamiya High Power Gear Box HE Low Stock ¥931
TAM73021 Tamiya Display Base Large (Display Size 300 x 160) In Stock ¥456
TAM95077 Tamiya Parts Case Set Full Cowl Mini-4WD 20th Anniversary In Stock ¥817
TAM76618 Tamiya Shape Creation Master (Cookie Shapes Mold) In Stock ¥190
TAM69572 Tamiya Wash Board Section 5mm, 10mm (2 ea.) In Stock ¥475
TAM12644 Tamiya 1/35 Zimmerit Coating Sheet for New Tamiya Elefant Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
TAM60706 Tamiya 1/72 WB SH-60 Sea Hawk In Stock ¥855
TAM31518 Tamiya 1/700 Light Vessel Ordnance Set In Stock ¥855
TAM70199 Tamiya 3mm Plastic L Type Bar (6pcs) In Stock ¥380
TAM70200 Tamiya 5mm Plastic L Type Bar (5pcs) In Stock ¥380
TAM70146 Tamiya Pla-Board 2, 2mm 2pcs In Stock ¥798
TAM70117 Tamiya Plastic Beams 3mm Triangle (8pcs) In Stock ¥342
TAM70204 Tamiya Plastic Beams 3mm L-Shaped Clear (6pcs) In Stock ¥380
TAM70205 Tamiya Plastic Beams 5mm L-Shaped Clear (5pcs) In Stock ¥380
TAM70207 Tamiya 3mm Plastic Clear U-Shaped Bar (5pcs) In Stock ¥380
TAM70206 Tamiya 3mm Plastic Clear H-Shaped Bar (5pcs) Low Stock ¥380
TAM70202 Tamiya 3mm Plastic U-Shaped Bar (5pcs) In Stock ¥380
TAM70201 Tamiya 3mm Plastic H-Shaped Bar (5pcs) Low Stock ¥380
TAM15344 Tamiya GP.344 9mm Ball Bearings (2pcs) In Stock ¥475
TAM87169 Tamiya Diorama Material Sheet Gray-Colored Brickwork A Road Surface Block In Stock ¥342
TAM87166 Tamiya Diorama Material Sheet Stone Paving B In Stock ¥342
TAM87165 Tamiya Diorama Material Sheet Stone Paving A In Stock ¥342
TAM87168 Tamiya Diorama Material Sheet Brickwork In Stock ¥342
TAM70196 Tamiya Styrene Foam Boards 1mm B4 Size (6pcs) In Stock ¥741
TAM70138 Tamiya Form Board 3mm, B4 Size 3pcs In Stock ¥798
TAM15390 Tamiya GP.390 Fluorine-Coated Gear Shaft (Straight, 2pcs) Low Stock ¥152
TAM89205 Tamiya Mini 4WD Marker Yellow Low Stock ¥190
TAMPM-X7 Tamiya Paint Marker Red Low Stock ¥190
TAM87023 Tamiya Switch Lubricant (Contact Points Grease) In Stock ¥285
TAM15374 Tamiya GP.374 Lightweight Center Chassis Low Stock ¥266
TAM15384 Tamiya GP.384 N-03/T-03 Bumperless w/LED Unit Red In Stock ¥570
TAM15333 Tamiya Grand Prix Dangan L Type Stabi. Paul Set In Stock ¥285
TAM42108 Tamiya TRF #08 630 Ball Bearing Fluorine Sealed (2pcs) In Stock ¥665
TAM51548 Tamiya SP.1548 TB-04 06 Spar Gear (66T) In Stock ¥247
TAM53539 Tamiya OP.539 5.5mm Aluminum Spacer Set In Stock ¥570
TAM15258 Tamiya Steering System Set In Stock ¥437
TAM15261 Tamiya DR Passing-Tape In Stock ¥190
TAM17805 Tamiya 700 Series Hikari Rail Star In Stock ¥931
TAM17804 Tamiya 500 Series Shinkansen In Stock ¥931
TAM31517 Tamiya 1/700 Heavy Vessel Ordnance Set In Stock ¥855
TAM17803 Tamiya Shinkansen Type 923 Multiple Inspection Train In Stock ¥931
TAM70160 Tamiya Heat Shrinking Pla Plate White (2pcs) In Stock ¥323
TAM70164 Tamiya Universal Metal Joint Set (4pcs) In Stock ¥399
TAM76634 Tamiya Miniature Waffle Cone (Cocoa 3pcs) Low Stock ¥171
TAM76635 Tamiya Miniature Waffle Cone Stand (2pcs) In Stock ¥142
TAM76641 Tamiya Form Made Master (Madeleine) In Stock ¥200
TAM54614 Tamiya OP.1614 M-05 Ver.II Carbon Reinforcement L Parts (Sus Arm) In Stock ¥627
TAM54610 Tamiya OP.1610 Clamp Type Aluminum Wheel Hub (9mm, 2pcs) In Stock ¥950
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