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Code Company Item Name Stock Status Price
TAM54641 Tamiya OP.1642 Option Wing for Engine Car Body Oct. 2015 Release

When do I have to pay for my pre-order?

TAM18642 Tamiya Mini 4WD Pro Spark Rouge (MA Chassis) Oct. 2015 Release

When do I have to pay for my pre-order?

TAM15133 Tamiya GP133 Rev Tune Motor In Stock ¥324
TAM15132 Tamiya Special Ratio Gearing In Stock ¥270
TAM15236 Tamiya GP236 High Speed Counter Gear In Stock ¥270
TAM15232 Tamiya GP232 Mini 4WD Screw Set A In Stock ¥126
TAM15238 Tamiya Super X Narrow One-Way Wheel Set In Stock ¥540
TAM15386 Tamiya GP.385 Ball Stabilizer Cap (Bright) In Stock ¥180
TAM15372 Tamiya GP372 Mini 4WD Pro FRP Sub Plate Set In Stock ¥216
TAM12659 Tamiya 1/24 Toyota 86 Dress-Up Decal Set (Carbon Pattern) Low Stock ¥450
TAM12656 Tamiya 1/24 LaFerrari Carbon Slide Mark In Stock ¥630
TAM15090 Tamiya Zero Chassis Gold Plated In Stock ¥216
TAM15261 Tamiya DR Passing-Tape In Stock ¥180
TAM15357 Tamiya GP.357 FRP Wide Extension Roller Mount In Stock ¥216
TAM15367 Tamiya N-02/T-01 Power Unit Low Stock ¥270
TAM15187 Tamiya Light Sp. Ratio Gear for Sp. FM TZ Low Stock ¥270
TAM15343 Tamiya GP.343 Multi Chassis Balance Weight In Stock ¥252
TAM15345 Tamiya GP.345 11mm Ball Bearings (2pcs) In Stock ¥450
TAM15333 Tamiya Grand Prix Dangan L Type Stabi. Paul Set In Stock ¥270
TAM15347 Tamiya MS Chassis Gear Bearing Set Low Stock ¥378
TAM15388 Tamiya GP.388 Narrow Reston Sponge Tires (Black) In Stock ¥396
TAM15460 Tamiya Mini 4WD Parts Storage Box Set In Stock ¥774
TAM15488 Tamiya GP.488 Rev Tune 2 Motor PRO In Stock ¥324
TAM15487 Tamiya GP.487 Torque Tune 2 Motor PRO In Stock ¥324
TAM15482 Tamiya GP.482 Veldaga Clear Body Set Low Stock ¥432
TAM15428 Tamiya GP.428 Mass Damper Block (8x8x32mm) In Stock ¥360
TAM15442 Tamiya GP.442 Low Profile Tire/Wheel Set - SuperX/Super XX Chassis In Stock ¥288
TAM18641 Tamiya Shooting Proud Star (MA) In Stock ¥900
TAM19940 Tamiya 1/32 Cyclone Magnum Premium (AR Chassis) In Stock ¥900
TAM19941 Tamiya 1/32 Hurricane Sonic Premium (AR Chassis) In Stock ¥900
TAM15480 Tamiya GP.480 Neo-Tridagger ZMC Clear Body Set (Polycarbonate) In Stock ¥432
TAM15479 Tamiya GP.479 Buck Blader Clear Body Set (Polycarbonate) In Stock ¥432
TAM15481 Tamiya Torque Luser Clear Body Set In Stock ¥432
TAM15472 Tamiya GP.472 FRP Front Wide Stay (Full Cowl Mini-4WD Type) In Stock ¥234
TAM18622 Tamiya Rodeo Sonic Low Stock ¥810
TAM31518 Tamiya 1/700 Light Vessel Ordnance Set In Stock ¥810
TAM31517 Tamiya 1/700 Heavy Vessel Ordnance Set In Stock ¥810
TAM15413 Tamiya GP.413 Rubber Brake Set In Stock ¥180
TAM17803 Tamiya Shinkansen Type 923 Multiple Inspection Train In Stock ¥882
TAM17805 Tamiya 700 Series Hikari Rail Star In Stock ¥882
TAM17804 Tamiya 500 Series Shinkansen In Stock ¥882
TAM18082 Tamiya 1/32 Kopen XMZ (Super II Chassis) Low Stock ¥900
TAM18081 Tamiya 1/32 Kopen RMZ (VS Chassis) In Stock ¥900
TAM19442 Tamiya 1/32 Z Wing Magnum (AR Chassis) In Stock ¥1,000
TAM19445 Tamiya Mini 4WD Buster Sonic Premium (AR Chassis) In Stock ¥900
TAM19443 Tamiya 1/32 Fully Cowled Mini 4WD Diospada Premium (AR Chassis) In Stock ¥900
TAM35025 Tamiya 1/35 Sand Bag Set In Stock ¥450
TAM53539 Tamiya OP.539 5.5mm Aluminum Spacer Set In Stock ¥540
TAM64362 Tamiya Tamiya R/C Line-Up Vol. 8 Autumn/Winter 2010 In Stock ¥72
TAM64345 Tamiya Tamiya R/C Line-Up Vol. 4 2008 Autumn-Winter In Stock ¥60
TAM70147 Tamiya Pla-Board 3, 3mm 1pcs In Stock ¥540
TAM70146 Tamiya Pla-Board 2, 2mm 2pcs In Stock ¥756
TAM70129 Tamiya 2mm Plastic Square Bar (10pcs) In Stock ¥324
TAM70130 Tamiya 3mm Plastic Square Bar (10pcs) In Stock ¥324
TAM70133 Tamiya 3mm Plastic Round Bar (10pcs) Low Stock ¥324
TAM70135 Tamiya 3mm Plastic Pipe (6pcs) In Stock ¥360
TAM70137 Tamiya 8mm Plastic Pipe (3pcs) In Stock ¥360
TAM70136 Tamiya 5mm Plastic Pipe (5pcs) In Stock ¥360
TAM73021 Tamiya Display Base Large (Display Size 300 x 160) In Stock ¥432
TAM75015 Tamiya 6P Slide Switch (2pcs) In Stock ¥108
TAM49238 Tamiya Hard 0.4 Spur Gear 88T/TB-01 In Stock ¥100
TAM65475 Tamiya Tamiya News December 2008 #475 In Stock ¥20
TAM70204 Tamiya Plastic Beams 3mm L-Shaped Clear (6pcs) In Stock ¥360
TAM70207 Tamiya 3mm Plastic Clear U-Shaped Bar (5pcs) In Stock ¥360
TAM70208 Tamiya Pla-Paper 0.1mm B4 (3pcs) Low Stock ¥486
TAM70209 Tamiya Pla-Paper 0.2mm B4 (3pcs) Low Stock ¥540
TAM70214 Tamiya Heat Shrinking Pla Plate Transparence B6 Size (4pcs) In Stock ¥180
TAM76618 Tamiya Shape Creation Master (Cookie Shapes Mold) In Stock ¥180
TAM76620 Tamiya Miniature Tableware (Parfait Glass) In Stock ¥342
TAM87013 Tamiya Flat Brush #5 In Stock ¥144
TAM87009 Tamiya Sand Paper Rough In Stock ¥180
TAM87010 Tamiya Sand Paper Fine Low Stock ¥180
TAM87016 Tamiya Pointed Brush Medium In Stock ¥126
TAM87014 Tamiya Flat Brush #3 In Stock ¥108
TAM87129 Tamiya Masking Sticker Sheet 1mm Grid Type (5pcs) In Stock ¥540
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