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Code Company Item Name Stock Status Price
TAM54641 Tamiya OP.1642 Option Wing for Engine Car Body Dec. 2015 Release

When do I have to pay for my pre-order?

TAM18643 Tamiya Mini 4WD Pro Rise Emperor (MA Chassis) Dec. 2015 Release

When do I have to pay for my pre-order?

TAM15261 Tamiya DR Passing-Tape In Stock ¥180
TAM15333 Tamiya Grand Prix Dangan L Type Stabi. Paul Set In Stock ¥270
TAM31518 Tamiya 1/700 Light Vessel Ordnance Set In Stock ¥810
TAM15413 Tamiya GP.413 Rubber Brake Set In Stock ¥180
TAM17803 Tamiya Shinkansen Type 923 Multiple Inspection Train In Stock ¥882
TAM17805 Tamiya 700 Series Hikari Rail Star In Stock ¥882
TAM17804 Tamiya 500 Series Shinkansen In Stock ¥882
TAM55113 Tamiya Power Champ GT (Alkaline Battery 2pcs) In Stock ¥252
TAM15479 Tamiya GP.479 Buck Blader Clear Body Set (Polycarbonate) In Stock ¥432
TAM89913 Tamiya Submarine Motor (Clear Blue) In Stock ¥630
TAM15090 Tamiya Zero Chassis Gold Plated In Stock ¥216
TAM70097 Tamiya Twin Motor Gearbox Low Stock ¥756
TAM35266 Tamiya 1/35 US Modern Vehicle Equipment Set In Stock ¥900
TAM65482 Tamiya Tamiya News July 2009 #482 In Stock ¥20
TAM65475 Tamiya Tamiya News December 2008 #475 In Stock ¥20
TAM94785 Tamiya Super X/XX Large Diameter One Way Wheel Set (Mini 4WD Limited) In Stock ¥504
TAM70175 Tamiya Plastic Plate 1.5mm B4 Size In Stock ¥648
TAM69572 Tamiya Wash Board Section 5mm, 10mm (2 ea.) In Stock ¥450
TAM35198 Tamiya 1/35 Stug. III Brass Projectiles In Stock ¥630
TAM94387 Tamiya Plasma Dash Brush Holder Set Low Stock ¥153
TAM15391 Tamiya GP.391 Large Dia. Stabilizer Head Set (11mm/15mm) Low Stock ¥414
TAM94386 Tamiya 830 Bearing 2pcs Set Low Stock ¥630
TAM15468 Tamiya GP.468 Mini 4WD Maintenance Mat Low Stock ¥630
TAM94774 Tamiya Wheel Bushings (Black 8pcs) Low Stock ¥162
TAM19445 Tamiya Mini 4WD Buster Sonic Premium (AR Chassis) In Stock ¥900
TAM15355 Tamiya Mini 4WD Pro High Speed Gear Set (for MS Chassis Gear Ratio 4:1) Low Stock ¥288
TAM15361 Tamiya Under Stabilizer Head Set Low Stock ¥198
TAM15258 Tamiya Steering System Set In Stock ¥414
TAM15230 Tamiya Roller Wide Mount Set In Stock ¥180
TAM15367 Tamiya N-02/T-01 Power Unit In Stock ¥270
TAM15362 Tamiya Mini 4WD Pro Rear Double Roller Stay In Stock ¥414
TAM15377 Tamiya GP.377 Wide Roller Stay Set (Damped) In Stock ¥306
TAM15406 Tamiya Quick-Release Body Catch Set In Stock ¥162
TAM15384 Tamiya GP.384 N-03/T-03 Bumperless w/LED Unit Red In Stock ¥540
TAM15466 Tamiya GP.466 Aero Avante Clear Body Set Low Stock ¥432
TAM15399 Tamiya Multi-Brake Set for MS Chassis Low Stock ¥324
TAM53539 Tamiya OP.539 5.5mm Aluminum Spacer Set In Stock ¥540
TAM70147 Tamiya Pla-Board 3, 3mm 1pcs In Stock ¥540
TAM49238 Tamiya Hard 0.4 Spur Gear 88T/TB-01 In Stock ¥100
TAM76618 Tamiya Shape Creation Master (Cookie Shapes Mold) In Stock ¥180
TAM70161 Tamiya Heat Shrinking Pla Plate Glow in the Dark (1pcs) In Stock ¥306
TAM70160 Tamiya Heat Shrinking Pla Plate White (2pcs) In Stock ¥306
TAM70164 Tamiya Universal Metal Joint Set (4pcs) In Stock ¥378
TAM72003 Tamiya High Power Gear Box HE Low Stock ¥882
TAM76629 Tamiya Miniature Tableware: Transparent Heart Plate Low Stock ¥117
TAM76631 Tamiya Miniature Tableware: Transparent Heart Saucer Low Stock ¥99
TAM76641 Tamiya Form Made Master (Madeleine) In Stock ¥200
TAM76640 Tamiya Form Made Master (Marron / Tart) In Stock ¥200
TAM76639 Tamiya Form Made Master (Chocolate) In Stock ¥200
TAM54534 Tamiya OP.1534 TB-04 Aluminum Steering Bridge In Stock ¥810
TAM54614 Tamiya OP.1614 M-05 Ver.II Carbon Reinforcement L Parts (Sus Arm) In Stock ¥594
TAM54610 Tamiya OP.1610 Clamp Type Aluminum Wheel Hub (9mm, 2pcs) In Stock ¥900
TAM54626 Tamiya OP.1626 Buggy Driver Set In Stock ¥324
TAM70197 Tamiya Styrene Foam Boards 2mm B4 Size (4pcs) In Stock ¥702
TAM70194 Tamiya Pin Spike Tire Set (65mm Dia.) Low Stock ¥540
TAM70193 Tamiya Slim Tire Set (36mm/55mm diameter) In Stock ¥432
TAM70176 Tamiya Plastic Plate 2.0mm B4 Size In Stock ¥756
TAM74006 Tamiya (+) Screw Driver No.2 L In Stock ¥315
TAM42108 Tamiya TRF #08 630 Ball Bearing Fluorine Sealed (2pcs) In Stock ¥630
TAM51548 Tamiya SP.1548 TB-04 06 Spar Gear (66T) In Stock ¥234
TAM74032 Tamiya 2mm E-Ring Tool In Stock ¥540
TAM76662 Tamiya Master of the Icing (Green Sugar-Coating) In Stock ¥306
TAM76651 Tamiya Miniature Tableware (Parfait Glass Of The Pink Lam) Low Stock ¥342
TAM76653 Tamiya Decoration Dish of Hart Type (Pink Lam 87mm) In Stock ¥126
TAM76650 Tamiya White Circle Plate (w/Ball Chain) In Stock ¥126
TAM74088 Tamiya Nut Driver (4mm/4.5mm) In Stock ¥990
TAM95057 Tamiya Rear Wide Slide Damper (Blue) Mini-4WD Limited In Stock ¥396
TAM15187 Tamiya Light Sp. Ratio Gear for Sp. FM TZ In Stock ¥270
TAM15488 Tamiya GP.488 Rev Tune 2 Motor PRO In Stock ¥324
TAM15379 Tamiya GP.379 Offset Tread Tires Hard White Low Stock ¥216
TAM73021 Tamiya Display Base Large (Display Size 300 x 160) In Stock ¥432
TAM18622 Tamiya Rodeo Sonic In Stock ¥810
TAM18621 Tamiya Bison Magnum In Stock ¥810
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