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MENCAT-2015 Meng 2015 Meng Fashion Calendar Out of Stock
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
FTS60214 F-Toys JAXA Hayabusa & Japanese Rocket In Stock ¥5,000

Assassination Class Room

BAN995337 Bandai Assassination Class Room Demystification Notebook: 1 Box (16pcs) Discontinued ¥2,560

Card Captor Sakura

MEG81737 Mega House Fortune Badge Card Captor Sakura Clow Card: 1 Box (16pcs) In Stock ¥4,560

Gundam War

BAN975917 Bandai Gundam War NEX-A #8 Booster (BO-08): 1 Box (20pcs) Backordered
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks

Monster Strike

BAN993212 Bandai Monster Strike Real Disc Battle Starter (MMS01) Discontinued ¥400
BAN993211 Bandai Monster Strike Real Disc Battle Booster (MS01): 1 Box (20pcs) Discontinued ¥3,200


MOV77280 Movic Psycho-Pass 1&2 Trading Cards: 1 Box (8pcs) In Stock ¥3,400

Sunrise Crusade

BAN990487 Bandai Sunrise Crusade Episode Booster (SCEBP11): 1 Box (15pcs) Discontinued ¥3,768

The Idolmaster

BAN995353 Bandai SD Festival The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls #1 Booster (SDF-01): 1 Box (12pcs) Discontinued ¥3,168

Youkai Watch

BAN948679 Bandai Youkai Watch Youkai Proof Card Collection Pack: 1 Box (18pcs) In Stock ¥2,880
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